The Tower of London



Tonight, I would like to share my photos of the Tower of London with you… I don’t have a lot to say except maybe that they were taken while walking and chilling out along the Thames and around the City this summer :)! 

Such a sweet memory I needed to bring out again and you’re just about to read why…

I don’t usually write a post in the middle of the week because I usually never have time to but tonight, I wanted to take the time to write a little because I’ve got a few things on my mind and heart that I need to let out…

Let’s start with the good news of the weekend though, shall we?! [DRUMROLL…………………]

My best friend, Amélie who’s currently in sunny and beautiful California, is coming back to France for CHRISTMAS!!!! :D This is making me super excited and I can’t wait to see her again :)

Now let’s go down to the ‘bad’ news…

Firstly, my father and I got into an argument this weekend. It was about nothing really but it made things pretty awkward over the past few days :/ I never want to contradict him because of his cancer and his treatment and the effects these have on his mood… but sometimes you need to say STOP and ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! … which I did this weekend… and it was for almost nothing so I don’t want to imagine what’ll happen when I tell him about things that are way dearer to my heart and soul (like you probably know what…). I’ve lived in this fear for years – in the fear of making him ill again. Now I’ve figured out who I am and I just want to make him understand but he’s still pretty stubborn and the rest of my family doesn’t help AT ALL!


To top it all, I’ve just got my first mark below ten in German translation tonight! That’s bad news but now that I’ve reread my paper, I know I deserved it… it wasn’t brilliant! I don’t hold grudges or anything and I’m not particularly sad because I know there are way worse things in life… Which leads me to think of those people whose mood only depends on the marks they get! I went to a quite prestigious high school in Lyon and I know what it feels like to get 3s and 5s and 7s sometimes… because you’re not perfect, you’re only human… and I’ve also learnt at my ‘high school age’ that there were worse things in life than getting a low red-written number on a paper. So now, I don’t take it the same way – I just take it as part of life, with its ups and downs!

After the class, my teacher came to see me and asked me what had happened. I said I didn’t really know but I guess it’s because I was a bit tired on the day we took the test and I also found the texts a little difficult :/ But I said to him: ‘that’s ok. It’s just an accident. It happens :)’. He didn’t seem worried about it at all and even asked me again whether I definitely and definitively wanted to leave ESTRI next year and thus not do a MA in translation and interpretation… and I said ‘yes’ [sorry :/]. He said ‘we’re going to miss you’… AWW! That’s very sweet and I’m sure I’ll miss a few things from here too but there comes a time in life when you understand that you actually only have one life and that you’d better be the happiest you can be… and as far as I’m concerned, it starts by leaving this university – just because that’s not exactly who I am anymore… Yet, he told me I was perfectly capable of doing this MA in translation & Co but what I didn’t say and maybe should have is that… it’s not only a matter of skills and capabilities, it’s also and mostly a matter of doing what you’re passionate about and what makes you happy.

Translation and even more interpretation are not my things – not my cuppa tea! I’m sorry if I don’t do the great things and make the bright choices my family and some of my teachers would like me to. I might always stay the little little me, doing her thing that will maybe never make it big, but the most important is that I’ll stay true to myself.

That’s the most important.

DSC_2121 DSC_2120 DSC_2116 DSC_2118 DSC_2119DSC_2122

You didn’t have to bear with me and read this tonight, you could just have had a look through the photos  ^^



4 Commentaires

  1. Stuart Kewish
    24th novembre 2014 / 10:15

    Thank you for sharing Marie. It’s a wonderful thing to have the strength and courage to pursue the things you are passionate about. Well done my friend. :)

    • Marie
      24th novembre 2014 / 10:46

      thank you Stuart <3 xx

  2. 25th novembre 2014 / 8:00

    Just love you Marie…You’re finding out things in life at 20 that it took me years and years to realize. Well done you. Maybe I’ll run into you on a London street one day. I’ll make it there eventually. / Sheri

    • Marie
      25th novembre 2014 / 9:31

      Hey thanks a lot Sheri :) that’s very kind to say :)
      Hope I’ll see you around in London soon :D

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