Dear Lili

P1000462If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr, I guess it’s absolutely to hot news if I tell you I adopted a lovely little kitten last Friday. We called her Lili… 

In this post, I wanted to feature Lili’s first steps at home alongside with a letter to her that’s in the form of a video. 

Hope you enjoy! :) 

Dear Lili,

After my first cat died, I never thought I would ever adopt another kitten again. I thought I would never be able to, I thought I would never be strong enough to… but I did.

After all, things never really happen the way we think they will, right?!

So here you are now… you arrived last Friday after very tough first four months of life that you spent locked up in cages – in the dark.

And now… now I’m so happy you have a home, where you can gambol and finally – FINALLY – be happy!

I promise you, sweet Lili, I promise you’re already very much loved… and will always be. Your months of ordeal and chaos are over and way behind you!

I can’t really express how great that makes me feel to have you in my life now. I’m going through a pretty tough time and you’re the only one who managed to bring a smile back on my face in the past few days. A smile and maybe above all, my will to fight!

It’s been amazing watching you take your marks in this house, where I also grew up in. From what I’ve seen, it appears that you’re already feeling pretty well in your new environment. You found your way, you probably spotted where to play tricks, you met all the members of the family, which you are now a part of, and… you basically revealed yourself as such a nice, tender and funny little kitten that’s going to be hugely pampered and spoilt.

I have to leave you here now since I need to go to class soon, but I’m so looking forward to the weekend, when I can see you again and hug you and also not truly sleep because you spend the entire night moving around on the bed, trying to find your best position – that usually is against my neck or on my belly J – purring the loudest you can and seeking for a caress in the middle of the night…

Oh, I’m not complaining here – these actually are the reasons why you’re you and why I love you so much.

Take care, dearest Lili.

I’ll see you very soon.

Love always from me.

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