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As you can guess by the category I put this article in, THIS is an introduction to a new video blog! It concerns very good news I received last weekend…

To me, good news often rhymes with London and… that’s once again the case! Last Sunday, I posted a photo with this caption below on Instagram…

‘THIS simply means anything can happen when you’re mad enough to believe it can!

I saw that look my dad gave me earlier when he handed me those train tickets to London… Even though this short visit is first of all planned for me to attend the LSBU Open Days, my dad still had that look saying « here you go, darling. I know your heart needs it. »
And then he said giggling: « Well, that’s another trip to London, sweet pea! » 

So in short, that’ll be a short visit but I’ll be in London from November 7th to November 9th :)!

Hhhiiiiiii #excited !’

So as you’ll see and hear while watching the video, I’m going back to London for a couple of days so that I can attend the LSBU open day on the 8th of November :)

♥ ♥ ♥

The second topic I as a matter of fact deal with in this video is course choices! A while ago, I published a photo on Facebook with some words of my heart to accompany it. It was all about saying how difficult choosing a course was. I just spread a few thoughts eventually leading me to the conclusion that it’s all about being happy in the end…

Here’s what I had written…


© Photo by Anna Bieniek

‘Richard Branson once wrote: « The safe option is not to take a risk, and to continue on your current path. But if there were never any crazy ones who welcomed uncertainty and put their hopes on the line, there would be very little progress. Most innovation is born out of frustration.”

Or going and choosing my branch of studies according to what the job market offers.

These are my safe options.

After all… What if I wasn’t good enough? What if all this was sheer madness?(Well, this is not even a question – THIS IS SHEER MADNESS!!!) I’m not a native English speaker. How can I even affirm that I am able to study such a thing as a creative writing MA? That’s absolutely mad! That’s crazy, unsure, unsafe, insecure… and scary but that’s also what makes it so exciting.

I’ve always been a crazy one – and some sort of outcast for this reason. I write and bleed my thoughts and feelings on paper. I don’t know how to communicate a message a better way.

I dream of writing a book. And then a second one. And a one after that one… I dream of making and leaving my mark on the world. And writing is how I choose to do it. How I choose to achieve it.

The other day at school, I went to speak with the person in charge of foreign universities and from the moment I left his office, I said to myself… ‘What did you think?! He’s just some kind of director – no more no less than a professional babbler. What does he know about you? About your dreams, your hopes, your projects? Nothing. Absolutely nothing! Your teachers and your friends would be much better advisers than him!’ But mostly, I was instantly reminded that no one could know me better than I know myself. Not even my family. Especially not my family! Only I know what my heart truly desires…

And this might not be what my family or even some of my teachers had in mind for me but I am convinced that the best way to live is to follow one’s heart. So… I’m going to be crazy and welcome uncertainty. I’m going to hope that you didn’t lie to me when you said my writing was good enough and worth working on. Because without you – the people who believed in me so much that I started believing in myself too – I wouldn’t have made the choice to apply for a creative writing MA and I wouldn’t dare to dream of writing a book and then having it published. I’m going to be scared but I’m going to hope…’

 What I refer to in my video…

Instagram post 

Creative Media Industries: Journalism MA at LSBU (London South Bank University)

My post about Jamie’s first big moves in the film industry 


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