To all of you I need to say ‘thank you’ to…

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 Here is the poem, the piece of my heart I left with the wonderful people I met at Malvern House… 

Take care of it, sweet angels. Love you all xxx

♥ ♥ ♥

Leaving again
 Leaving always
 To lose myself
 and find myself all over again.
 What a beautiful adventure life is
 when you know someplace
 where your heart is
 and will always be.
 London is one of them for me…
 A place where I keep coming forth
 and going back to,
 A place where I know I belong
 one way or another.
 Because people have accepted me here
 - just
 am -
 they’ve seen the creepy
 and dealt with the crazy
 little little me…
 but didn’t try to change any
 pieces of my personality.
 They left an open space to my creativity
 and did not attempt
 to confine it in a cage,
 or in a cave, or underneath
 I found inspiration here
 - at last -
 in this city I now call the city of my heart…
 I found inspiration in the hidden corners,
 in the customs and accents,
 but most of all,
 I found inspiration
 in the people…
 You are part of it now
 as well as everyone else
 I met along the way
 this summer;
 You belong to it,
 to this world,
 this universe
 of my creation.
 You’re another bunch of stars
 that’ll keep shining in me
 and nourishing my poetry
 until my days end
 and my writing feather’s put down.
 The school is part of it too.
 Its valued multiculturalism
 making it so precious
 and so pure,
 in each and very aspect of it,
 has made every single of my days
 sound like a worldwide ballade
 and look like a microcosm of a giant world
 gathered in just one place.
 And even though all this feels like
 unfinished business,
 I hope you’ll still keep in mind
 all these words I wrote down
 for you…
 Read them carefully,
 handle them with care
 and remember nothing and no one’s never too far
 when a piece of their heart lies within your arms.

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