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The week before last week, my family was in town (or should I rather say what’s left of a family, or maybe even better, some of the people who now constitutes my family – i.e. my father, my little brother who’s not so little anymore and my best friend (I don’t really want to include them in this concept that is a family but since they were in London last week too, I at least need to quote my dad’s lovely girlfriend and her daughter who I won’t make any comments for/on))! And on Saturday morning, we went with my brother and my best friend to one of my favourite markets in London that is the Broadway market.

It is mostly a food market but for the three foodies that we are, it was paradise!

Broadway market is located in the borough of Hackney and has been welcoming shoppers since the 1890s. The market is opened every Saturday from 9am to 5-6pm (which clearly is better than most markets in France! :p), but some stallholders open a bit earlier…

How to get there now is another question. The first time I planned on getting there,I got lost and found myself not knowing where I was going. Hopefully, a friend of a friend then took me there and showed me a lovely walk to the market. What you basically need to do is get off the overground at Haggerston. When you then leave the station (there’s only one exit at that one), you need to turn on your right, and turn left onto the first small street you’ll encounter – it has a fitness room settled in an old garage or something like that! Once at the end of this little road, turn left and walk along the canal straight down to the market and… there you are! Easy when you know where you’re going, isn’t it?!

Anyway, back to the market itself…

For east London’s fashionably attired food-lovers, there’s no better Saturday destination than Broadway Market. Quaint cafés, pubs and indie music shops line the street, but the real star is the market. The food-loving hipster’s weekend hangout of choice, Broadway Market is as much about seeking out quality food as it is about just letting your hair down and soaking up the vibe.

When there, try one – or more – of the many Italian specialities (I got the tomatoes-basil-and-mozzarella filled gnocchi… A killer!) as well as one amazing Indian =-flavoured Scotch Egg from the one and only SCOTCH EGG stall near the London Fields, where a wide range of different flavoured Scotch eggs are provided. Also have a taste of the sweet seasonal cupcakes, along with the funny and very sophisticated macaroons present on the market :D.

The market is also quite popular for its vintage and new designer threads, old Vogue patterns, buttons, Ladybird books, flowers and crafts. In a word, it’s a sheer goldmine for people who like to have nice AND cheap things ;D.

When you finish your little tour and shopping at Broadway market, don’t forget to enjoy a nice walk through the London Fields on the other side of the road just when you leave the market (I completely fell in love with this place – these little urban fields of flowers took me to a wondrous world… close to Peter Pan’s!).

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