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Last Sunday (20/07/2014), – well actually, Sunday before last Sunday – a lovely bunch of friends and I headed to Greenwich in the late morning so as to meet up at Island Gardens underground station around lunch time.

When the whole troupe was finally reunited, my sweet local friends showed me the sort of time tunnel that joins the residential area of Island Gardens and the very touristy Greenwich everyone knows about.

Once on the other side of the tunnel, we were finally at the place where the two hemispheres meet – at the home of time, in other words. Indeed, Greenwich is home to the Prime Meridian of the world – but not only is Greenwich well-known for its international time-related side, it also shelters the National Maritime Museum, Queen’s House, the Old Royal Naval College, the very nice Greenwich market (though slightly dangerous sometimes – I’ll tell you about how a part of the market actually ruined a beautiful Sunday) and allows you to have one of the most outstanding views across London from the Royal Observatory in Greenwich Park.

Greenwich is truly huge and I haven’t been able to see everything in just one afternoon. I think the best option for people who’d like to see and do everything in details is to stay there for a few days, wander through some of London’s greatest museums, relax in riverside pub and stroll in sensational landscapes.

When it comes to shopping itself, Greenwich and its area are packed with bustling local markets and very nice independent shops.

Concerning Greenwich market, it overflows with amazing stalls and independent shops all run by very talented people – each in their field, whether it is fashion, design or food. And speaking of street food, let me basically and very quickly tell you why my wonderful Sunday was ruined: apparently – and I am warning you against some street junk food stalls here – some sellers absolutely do not care about the quality of their products and thus health of their customers… if you know what I mean. I won’t write a novel on the topic but I think you got the idea. So please, be careful! Sometimes it might just be better to pay a bit more and get food you can sort of be sure of.

To conclude this article, I’d like to share three nice addresses with you. The first one is called Biscuit and is a sort of ceramic café, where you can enjoy doing some pottery as well as having a very British afternoon tea. Biscuit is the most exciting place to create a personal masterpiece. Once there, you can choose from blank ceramic cups, plates, vases, and more to create your own designs with the great selection of paint colours. The second good address I’d like to share is the a typical British sweetshop called Hardys, where over 2,000 different products are provided. This is such a traditional shop, since it doesn’t forget the magic of proper British sweetshops, where shelves are always overflowing with jars of delights – all upon one another. You will find something for you at Hardys – for sure. They offer the old favourites as well as new scrumptious things, including some American products. Finally, the last place in the Greenwich area I would highly recommend – and especially by this hot weather – is Black Vanilla, the ice-cream maker. At Black Vanilla, only the freshest fruits and finest ingredients are used to make their delicious gelato and sorbetto – always GM free and without any artificial additives.

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