A dream

I have the same dream every single night...

When the world collapses into the darkness,
 I am myself immersed in the sweet symphony of my thoughts.
 I hear my heartbeat
 Taking me to a world I created for myself.

I start looking through the window of my soul
 And all I can hear is the discrete whisper of my heart
 And all I can see is the delicate picture of us.

I think...

We could wander away together,
 Stroll on an empty beach,
 Watch the sunset and speak beautiful words,
 Open our hearts and free our souls.
 We could smile gently to each other 
 And timidly let our eyes melt into one another’s.

We could walk away together,
 Find our spot in this peaceful park
 Sometime in the early morning.
 We would walk for hours, 
 And then lay down under a tree
 Simply enjoying stillness

We could dance the night away together,
 Meet outside this theatre
 As if it was the first time,
 Do it all over again
 And love it more and more each time.

Our two souls would merge in the rain 
 Our two souls would become one on this train,
 We started our journey with.

We could just go away together,
 Find our place in this world...

Eventually realising we had already found it...
 Next to each other.

But this is just a dream,

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