Packing for London


Hello world! How are you doing?

When you read this, I will very probably be on my way to London… somewhere on a train :)

I love travelling – I mean I love the smell and atmosphere of airports and train stations… there’s such a good vibe in those places :) A vibe of freedom maybe?! But now that I’ve finally packed EVERYTHING and that I realise how much stuff I’ll have to take with me all the way to THE city… I’m not sure to like train journeys that much anymore ^^

Anyway, I’ve spent my all day packing so I thought that at least deserved to be shared! :p

I started this morning by taking my brother’s big suitcase – because my little one would definitely not have been fine!!! – and nearly packed all my wardrobe :/ I truly did my best not to bring to much stuff but I’m so not good at it that I have a huge suitcase PLUS a smaller bag PLUS my handbag! To be honest, I’ll be very happy when I settle in my little room in Greenview Court!

I’ll now let you discover my suitcase for this summer I’ve been expecting for what seemed like ages, in my rightful city as my dear friend Becky would tell you :)!

PS: I’m not TOO bad though… I only packed 3 pairs of shoes ^^

(and just a little song I discovered a few days ago and I thought was perfect for this article – the only thing is that it’s in French :/ so sorry for my English-speaking readers…)


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2 Commentaires

  1. 6th juillet 2014 / 12:44

    It’s the first time I comment in your blog, I almost everyday read it but I never comment I don’t know why.
    Such beautiful shoes you have! I loved them!
    As I told you on twitter, if you have time please go to Jersey Boys, the cast is awesome and the show is even better that the film.
    On the other hand, enjoy the city for me! I’m in Argentina so I have to wait at least a year to go back =( But I will, I promise!
    Your blog is absolutely beautiful! You made me fall in love with London before my trip and now I can share my love.
    Have nice days!
    ps: sorry if my english is not good enough, this is not my mother tongue neither!

    • Marie
      6th juillet 2014 / 9:03

      hi there!
      Thanks a lot for your lovely comment and don’t worry about your English – it sounds good :)
      I’m very happy to read that you come visit my blog that often and appreciate it – it truly is the best reward a writer/blogger can get ;)
      If my wallet allows me to do so, I will certainly try to go see Jersey Boys, but I have so many shows I want to see it’s all quite complicated but anyway…
      I’m happy to have found another London lover here and know that you’ll always be welcome :)
      Have a good day and thanks again for your words :)

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