Magic Moments #17 * D-1 before London

« Discover your gifts,
Design your dreams into being,
And dance with your destiny. »
– Amanda Aitken

D-1 before London <3

PicMonkey grtert

Hi folks and happy Sunday!

I wanted to publish this new issue of InstaMagic earlier this morning but my brother’s computer was updating :/ I’m truly gonna start thinking I’m cursed with computers! Maybe you’ve seen on Facebook what happened to me yesterday…

I wrote: ‘I’ve got some bad news… My computer broke down yesterday and I won’t have it for about 3 weeks now. 

This means that the lovely project I had prepared for my birthday this summer is not sure to see the light of day… (even though it’s alread taken me more than a month of hard work) and I’m also sorry ’cause I won’t be able to publish my article about the ceremony of June,18th during which I read a Churchill’s speech.
Everything was on my computer and I’m not even sure to get it all back once it’s fixed!
I’m very sorry about that. I’ll have my brother’s laptop for a while (he was so lovely to lend me his for my placement in London, which starts on Tuesday). It’s a Windows 8 computer, which I’m absolutely not used to but I’ll try to figure everything out as soon as possible so that it doesn’t affect my work as well as the blog.
I’m very upset about maybe having lost a lot of my work BUT the VERY good news in this is that I’m heading to London very early on Monday morning to be there before lunch time and start two amazing British months :)’. 

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Anyway, I’m now releasing my 17th serie of my daily life photos I share on Instagram on a regular basis. In this new issue, you’ll find many other photos of my little trip to southern France that will complete my previoulsy-published articles :) All the photos and videos of my weekend in Marseille and its surroundings are now all on my blog! Just choose your destination(s) and follow the link(s) :)…

>> Along theCorniche
>> Marseille by night
>> Le Vieux Port 
>> Les Baux de Provence 
>> Cassis 

PicMonkey cccc

Also in this article, you’ll stumble upon some of my happiness…

First of all due to the fact that I passed my second year of uni :D! I’ve got one more to take and I’ll hopefully head to England to achieve something even bigger, which will bring me closer and closer to my dreams :) All in all, the few first days of June have been really amazing! A successful interview and an internship in the pocket for this summer in London, another uni year done & a heart that’s been beating faster and faster :) <3

« There are so many things I wrote for you but I’m not brave enough to make you read them all. I think you don’t even know about half of those words and this is all my fault…

But, hey, who knows?! Maybe someday you’ll find out about it all. Maybe one day I’ll find the strength to show you my nighthawk’s heart or… I’ll just let my words be whispered when I’m gone.

Maybe one day, you’ll know. »

And second of all due to my coming back to London tomorrow :D I’m soooooo excited and happy about this it helps me feel better after everthing that’s happened :) I won’t lie and say everything’s totally easy and stuff ’cause I may be the happiest girl on earth to go back there but I’m also scared… or rather stressed. I’ve got this ball that is half stress and half excitement, half dizziness and half happiness :)

But I’m sure it’ll all turn out ok :)

« Life is a wonderful journey that I don’t want to miss a step of. »

Speaking of leaving, I thought the cup song was the perfect one to share today :) So… enjoy! ;)



Moreover, you’ll find, like above, some words of my heart wandering here and there in the article so that you can not only travel through my daily living but also through my daily thinking ;p

« All the beautiful stories start with a simple connection – even short – but a connection anyway. A look, a touch, a word – that’s all it takes. Stop waiting. Stop searching for things and people. Start living! Let your whole self be embraced by the sublime randomness of life. » – EXTRACTED FROM Write Your Heart Out. Don’t Text It.

PicMonkey Collage

« Some people think that by not caring, their life will be better.
But I think it is only gonna be easier…

Certainly not better! »


Finally and for the first time in an InstaMagic, you’ll read my favourite quotes of the month…

« We don’t stop dreaming and exploring because we grow old. We grow old because we stop dreaming and exploring. » – George Bernard

« I urge you to go out and complete your dreams, touch a life, do something – make someone believe in magic. » – Chelsea Pavey


“You’re too young for girls right now but there’s gonna come a time, and when it does, you treat them like princesses, because that’s what they are. When you say you’re gonna do something, you do it. Because your word is your bond, son, that’s all you have. And money, you make money if you get a chance. […] Don’t smoke. Be kind to people. If somebody chooses you, you stand up, you be a man. And you stay away from the bad things, son. Please, don’t be caught up in the bad things – there are so many great things out there for you.” – John Q. Archibald (Denzel Washington) in ‘John Q’

I love this quote from the movie ‘John Q‘. I watched it a few weeks ago and I found it very moving – it even got me all teary at the end, and especially at that precise moment when John Q’s talking to his son for what he thinks is the last time… This quote is beautiful but I think my favourite part in it definitely is « If somebody chooses you, you stand up, you be a man ». This is so magnificiently true that some people should hoenestly get inspired…


“What if she was meant to be, or could have been, someone important in my life? I think that’s what scares me: the randomness of everything. That the people who could be important to you might just pass you by. Or you pass them by.” – Peter Cameron, Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to You

I love this quotation. It perfectly depicts the reality of things… We never know what’s going to happen when you meet people. You never know how great or how bad this can be for you… so it’s scary but if you choose to look at the bright option, you might just also find it thrilling :)

“Why is it, » he said, one time, at the subway entrance, « I feel I’ve known you so many years? »
« Because I like you, » she said, « and I don’t want anything from you.” ― Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451


“Read between the lines.Then meet me in the silence if you can.” – May Sarton

That’s the advice I would give anyone who wants to read my poetry :)

“I read poems. I write. That is my destiny. Standing on the edge of the cliff about to fall into the abyss, I remember who I am. I am a young poet, a writer. I am here to make words. I have the power to pull myself back from death—to keep myself alive.” – Bell Hooks


« It appeared that nobody ever said a thing they meant, or ever talked of a feeling they felt, but that was what music was for.” ― Virginia Woolf, The Voyage Out


« Your flaws are beautiful. They’re what make you stand out. Don’t try to be normal, perfect, striving to be something or someone that you will never accomplish. Be annoying, be quirky, be different. In truth, it takes a hell of a lot more strength to resist, than to go along with the flow. Stray from the path. What anyone else thinks doesn’t matter. Let them be boring, let them be the same, as unnoticeable as the people around them. Wear flowers in your hair, mismatching socks, and thousands of multi-colored bracelets. Press all those damn buttons in the elevator, and piss off everyone around you. Have fun now, because there’s always plenty of time to be boring in the future. » – Andrea Chiang

Beautifully said and written!

Be different. Don’t pay attention to what people might think or say. They don’t matter. Only you do. This is your life, your body, your dreams. Stay true to yourself and chase everything it is that excites you ;) 



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