Les Baux de Provence


After Marseille, let me take you to one of my favourite places in southern France that is Les Baux de Provence.

Les Baux is a lovely little village situated roughly an hour far from Marseille if you travel by car, which is quite pleasant I must admit.

Every time we go to the south of France, I like to spend an afternoon there, wandering in the lovely, ancient and typical streets of the region. But I also think that one of the main reasons why I love to go back there each time is because of the 2 yummy local and traditional boutiques that are Autrefois and La Cure Gourmande (if you’re a French fellow reader, these names absolutely have to ring a bell to you ^^).

This being said, I now really hope you’ll enjoy roaming through this new bunch of photos ;)

Otherwise, I hope to publish my article about the ceremony of last Wednesday as soon as possible!

Bisous, bisous, sweet birds, I shall write to you again soon :)

DSC_1432 DSC_1433 DSC_1434 DSC_1435 DSC_1436 DSC_1437 DSC_1438 DSC_1439 DSC_1440 DSC_1442 DSC_1443 DSC_1444 DSC_1445 DSC_1446 DSC_1447PicMonkey Collage

DSC_1449 DSC_1450 DSC_1451 DSC_1455 DSC_1452 DSC_1458 DSC_1459


3 Commentaires

  1. Stuart
    21st juin 2014 / 10:44

    WOW, so beautiful. Wonderful photos and they really make me want to visit here one day. Thank you again for sharing your beautiful country. :)

    • Marie
      22nd juin 2014 / 10:38

      Thank you Stuart! :)
      Hope you can visit France someday and this place in particular ’cause it truly is BEAUTIFUL <3

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