Le Vieux Port in Marseille


Bonjour… from Marseille!

Today, I’m sharing the photos I took around Le Vieux Port as well as a video of my little getaway at the beginning of June, which I hope you’ll like ’cause it’s not like super great quality so I really hope you’ll like it anyway… along with the photos I’m publishing with it here :)

This is the last post I’ll write about Marseille, since the next two are dedicated to 2 other beautiful places in southern France, not far from the third biggest city of the metropole.

I truly enjoyed my few days in the south and I particularly like Marseille in general because it is the ultimate multicultural place in France, or as we would say it over here, the multicultural place par excellence ^^. You can see and talk to people from almost everywhere and therefore discover many different cultures all gathered in one single city. How awesome! Seeing things this way kinda makes me liken Marseille to London… But London remains London and my heart is still and will forever be there :)

Otherwise, I published a post yesterday about this new concept that is myWellBoxie and if you want to do me a favour, maybe you can have a look at it… that would be fantastic :).

But meanwhile, enjoy the ride around the Vieux Port and cherish this moment ;)

Bisous, bisous, mes petits loups xoxo





  1. 30th June 2014 / 7:34 PM

    Ton blog est super joli, tout comme tes photos!

    • Marie
      2nd July 2014 / 7:16 AM

      oh merci choupette :) xo

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