Cherry Tart


I‘m back from my weekend in the south of France now and I’m so looking forward to sharing all my pics and adventures here with you :)

In a few minutes, I’ll have to go ’cause I’m helping my former acting teacher with the final rehearsals of her play from today on until Thursday evening, which I’m really excited about :D

Therefore, you might understand why you won’t have the first ‘photo album’ of my little trip today but rather in a day or two… Instead, I’m suggesting a lovely recipe of cherry tart I invented last week and that was AMAZING!!! So I hope you’ll like it too, if you decide to have a go ;)

I don’t want to loose one more minute, so here’s the recipe!


Cherry Tart
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  1. * 1 puff pastry
  2. * 1 relatively big bowl of cherries (the ones I used came from my garden, which obviously makes it all so much better!)
  3. * crumbled speculoos
  4. * red fruit jam
  1. Place your puff pastry in your baking tin and make a few holes with a fork.
  2. Cut your cherries in two, take off their kernels and place them on your pastry.
  3. Once you’ve covered the whole dough with cherries, you can make some red fruit jam melt and then cover your tart with it.
  4. Once you’ve done that, you just need to bake it for 15 to 20 minutes, depending on your oven.
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Have a good day and enjoy your tart!

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