Write Your Heart Out. Don’t Text it.

« I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want my love to be determined by a third-party technological device because last time I checked, love was between two people, not two people and an iPhone. Social media and technology are slowly killing our generation’s idea of love and lowering it to a standard that shouldn’t even be on its radar. If you love someone who lives far away or are even lucky enough to love someone 5 minutes away from you, write them a love letter. Use paper, use ink, but most importantly, use your words and your feelings and your emotion and your love. » – Kate Dillen 

Our modern society has been corrupted with new technologies for years now and people have lost the simplest notion of writing down their feelings – I mean a proper writing-down thing; in other words, POETRY.

Today, talking about your feelings in a letter, out loud or even in an article like I’m used to doing seems like an ancient act of love out of a Shakespeare play. But it’s not. It’s still how things should be

and how they should always be.

Jack Kerouac once wrote: “Don’t use the phone. People are never ready to answer it. Use poetry.” And oh dear, how true!

I can tell because I experience it myself every single day. I write my heart out on sheets of paper, on my phone or on my computer… I put words everywhere – literally everywhere! And when I see how the people I write my own little piece of poetry for react after reading it, it’s just the best feeling in the world because then, you feel like your words are not just words anymore but they are words that matter and, more importantly maybe, words that’ll be remembered, kept and cherished forever.


And thereafter, I can assure you that you will never ever send a text to tell someone you love them again. Oh you won’t, because once you’ll have let THAT THING out, once you’ll have shared it your own little creepy way, you’ll feel so good and you’ll feel heard.

For good. And for real.

Words of text messages are not really given much importance by people, but when it comes to words of your heart, words you write your own beautiful way, then everything takes a completely different dimension.

Your words matter.

I truly think writing your feelings through poetry, whether verses or prose, is the most gorgeous way of making people feel what truly is in the deepest parts of your heart. By doing this, you are giving them a key to your most vital organ and… it’s dangerous. Of course it is, but oh, how beautiful too!

So… Don’t text. Whisper. Whisper to people’s ears the words and feelings your soul is dying to release. And you’ll see the message will more efficiently anchor in their heart and soul.

I promise.

Write your heart out, don’t text it.

The LOOK UP video

« Give people your love, don’t give them your LIKE. »

Let’s start living the real way again! That’s the message of this awesome poetic video. Social media have taken over our lives and all that’s leading us to is being unsocial.

Paradoxal, uh?! Technologies, and social media in particular, are just illusions. They offer nothing but insensitiveness. By using them, we leave all that makes life beautiful – EMOTIONS.

The truth is we need contact with people; we need to see them and feel them but it’s unfortunately not always possible, though I firmly think that nothing is impossible until you say and decide it is!  Anyway, based on the common belief, Facebook & Co have enriched themselves and led us to think that we can keep in touch that way, that we’re protected from the fallouts of DISTANCE and that relationships remain intact… but the truth is, we’re not protected. At some point, we need to see people and be reunited with them – that’s how simply human beings work.

 The story told in this video is a perfect example of all that. All the beautiful stories start with a simple connection – even short – but a connection anyway. A look, a touch, a word – that’s all it takes. Stop waiting. Stop searching for things and people. Start living! Let your whole self be embraced by the sublime randomness of life.

(I won’t start debating on dating sites, but by reading that last paragraph, you know what I think about them!!!)

« One real connection is all it can take to show you the difference that being there can make. »

Look up from your phone, computer or whatever technological device you have in your hands right now. Look up from that, shut down your display and start living the real way! It’s still time. It’s never too late.

Give life attention!

With all my love ♡


6 Commentaires

  1. Stuart
    6th juin 2014 / 11:00

    So true Marie. We all get caught up with technology. It should only be an aid in our life, not be our life. I love poetry and your writings but I am not a very good writer myself. Maybe that is because I don’t do it enough. So you have once again inspired me to try more often. :)

    • Marie
      7th juin 2014 / 6:07

      Write with your heart
      And the words will flow

  2. 11th juin 2014 / 2:41

    Hi Marie.

    I resonate very much with what you have written. Writing for others and poetry is such a big part of my life and you have touched my heart with your lovely article.

    You continue to inspire me and others

    Thank you
    Jeremy <3

    • Marie
      11th juin 2014 / 5:00

      Thank you for being so supportive, Jeremy xx

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