Afternoon Delights


When you read this, I will probably (well… I will surely) be tutoring someone in maths to prepare the scientific baccalauréat, which quite annoys me but I never give up on my friends, even if it means I have to wake up and do maths a whole afternoon ^^

Anyway, what I wanted to introduce you to today were these fantastic PICARD afternoon  delights :)! They’re, in my opinion, perfect for a successful tea time so… if you fancy or even plan on having a lovely and typical British time with your friends this afternoon and don’t have much time whatsoever to prepare, you now have your solution here, which is nothing else than PICARD.

I hope you’ll enjoy this post and I promise you to come back soon with a more sophisticated article ;)!

Love always <3

Afternoon Delightat5Afternoon Delight1at4


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