*My Little Weekend Box*

It’s always summer somewhere


A new Little Box arrived last weekend and I’m very glad to share its content with you today!

Body milk lotion, beauty mask and a gentle foam face cleanser… in short,  all a girl needs to go on a weekend gathered in my May’s Little Box! In addition to this lovely beauty mix, one could find a very nice head band (perfect for the summer, right?!) as well as the usual items.

I think that, for once, the thing I liked most in the box was the content of its magazine with all the great ideas and pieces of advice to leave your world for a few days and discover new horizons, such as the unavoidable Berlin and London, along with Madrid, Lisbonne, Vienna… A very great review of each place, accompanied by absolutely gorgeous photos, is given at the beginning of this month’s issue.

What about those of you who also received My Little Weekend Box? What did you think of it? And if you haven’t subscribed yet, I hope you’ll enjoy the post and that you’ll be tempted soon ^^

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