Magic Moments #15 – April or Easter Month :D


Happy Tuesday!

I hope you’re all doing well and that you got a bit inspired by that post I published on Sunday evening :)

Today, I would like to share my Instagram photos of April, which is what I like to call ‘Easter month’, during which I got lots of yummy chocolates you’ll by the way see lots of pictures of!!! :D

 As in the other InstaMagic posts, you’ll see the photos that are accompanied by the Words Of My Heart (you can find them all gathered on my Tumblr) but what’s new in this InstaMagic is my very fancied and favourite song of the month (Magic by Coldplay), which I shared the album cover it’s extracted from :D

Speaking of, I heard on the radio this morning that this mythical band was giving a concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London somewhen in June or July… so you’ll guess that I’m going to do my little research about that :D

Anyway, I hope you’ll like this post and I shall write to you soon ;)



« Magic » #Coldplay 

Call it magic
Call it true
Call it magic
When I’m with you
And I just got broken
Broken into two
Still I call it magic
When I’m next to you

3 12 11 2

© The two photos above are from Pauline’s Fashion Blog 

928219_704651152925831_790756917_n tumblr_n4a2fh8gEX1syly33o1_500

One day, I’m going to let you read the words you’ve probably not read yet and your heart will break. 
Because then you will realise it was all about you. 

10251366_764801133537741_936550128_nAnd every time he read something directly coming from the deepest part of her heart, he had that little smile on his face… The one you get when you feel you’re loved,
loved for who you are
and who you are only.

A smile is just a smile, you’ll say. 
But from a distance, a smile is like a star that is shining so bright it can cross all the oceans. 
She could feel it. 
Even miles away, she could sense it.

The sweet caress of his caring soul.


4 Commentaires

    • Marie
      9th mai 2014 / 12:01

      thanks Emilie ;)

  1. Alaska
    17th mai 2014 / 4:03

    Coucou :) Je viens de découvrir ton blog et j’adore! Je pense que je vais arpenter cet endroit pendant des jours. ^^ J’aime beaucoup ce que tu écris, je te trouve très poétique. Et comme justement je cherchais à m’améliorer en anglais, je fais d’une pierre deux coups! ^^ A bientôt!

    • Marie
      18th mai 2014 / 5:34

      Ah ravis que ça te plaise :D et si en plus ça peut rendre service à ton anglais ;p
      En tous cas, merci beaucoup pour ton passage ici et ton adorable commentaire ;)

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