The Key is to Follow Your Heart


« You will never be able to escape from you heart. So it is better to listen to what it has to say.” – Paulo Coelho

Future is such a blurred picture. A scary one too since every decision we make leads to a new chapter of our life… and we don’t want to make any mistakes. But guess what, mistakes are part of the process. You need to fall and fail so as to eventually understand who you really are. And once you’ve found your right path, nothing, you hear me, NOTHING can make you drift.

When I was a little girl, I used to play a game and pretend I could speak a few foreign languages I tried to make sound like English. But between you and me, it didn’t really sound or even look like it so I finally baptised it the ‘charabia’ language (which is apparently called gobbledygook, gibberish or double Dutch (this one makes me giggle :p) in the English-speaking countries ^^).

Anyway, when I think about this game I used to play, this game that was a dream I used to have, when I think about it now, I simply realise that’s a dream come true, that’s ONE dream come true…

I’ve always been a dreamy girl, a dreamy person, with lots of hopes and dreams – most of them being sheer madness. But I’ve always been completely persuaded that we shouldn’t hide the madness, that we should follow our inner moonlight… and that’s why you’re also reading this now.

Today I’ve got new dreams, like the one of becoming a writer. And when I say ‘writer’, I mean my own kind of writer – not a typical formatted type of journalist.

Orientation is a hard thing because it forces you to truly and deeply look into your own self and also obliges you to ask yourself who you really are and what are the things you like doing… It’s absolutely necessary to take some time for yourself. Aside. And Alone. It might not be the funniest way to kill your hours, but it’ll be the most enriching.

So… I do that. And I like those moments when I’m alone with nothing else around me but silence. Well, the only things I can hear are the whispers of my thoughts, struggling to find a decent and organised way out. After hours and days and even months of reflection, I finally learnt something about myself and how I’d like to spend my days when I finish university. I listened to my heart. I heard it beat. I heard it speak and I realised what I really wished for was to work with artists of heart.

ART. That’s what I want at the center of my future daily life… starting now. Because ART is surprising and always brings something new to you, something that’ll make you grow up, since it’ll make you understand… understand LIFE. ART is LIFE and ART will be the SAVIOR of our human kind. People simply have to care a bit more about it and see it less like an underestimated and time-wasting thing.

I thought of several things already, like being an arts journalist, a press agent or even a writer of my own (though I kinda already am – I just have to persevere… always). I’m still not sure of what I’ll end up doing but at least, I know I’m in the right direction. I want to write. Simply. The reason to it? I never found the book I’ve always wanted to read, so I decided to start writing it. I know that’s how I’ll make my own destiny.

I know it because I took this time alone,
questioning myself,
and because I listened to my heart
whispering the dreams that were still silent to my ear.

« Don’t let the world tell you that those are not realistic career aspirations or get you down. ‘Cause there’s lots of good writing and art stuff jobs out there. »
– John Green

What I basically want you to understand is that even though you can always come up with reasons to give up in life, you can’t and MUST NOT give up on your dreams. Because only YOUR DREAMS will show you the way to what you’ve always been looking for and have always needed. It can be love or places you’ve never imagined you’d visit or even work… whatever it is, NEVER EVER GIVE IN.

There’ll never be a time when you’re more honest, when your convictions will be stronger, or when your motives will be dearer than they are right now, which means you should chase whatever it is that excites you. BE CONFIDENT AND TAKE RISKS.

You know, I do believe in magic… in the magic of dreams. I believe they can come true if we never stop believing in them and working them out. I believe that we were all born with whirlwinds, forest fires, and comets inside of us. That we all have our inner moonlight and talent that’s only asking to go out and shine. But then, the magic gets educated and our dreams are washed out. We get put on the straight and narrow and told to be responsible. Told to act our age and stop dreaming. Stop believing. And you know why we are told that? Because the people doing the telling are afraid of our wildness and youth, and because the magic we know makes them ashamed and sad of what they’d allowed to wither in themselves.

Dream big. It will carry you through your toughest times.
Dream big and you’ll be the most powerful person of your surroundings.
Lock out those who do not believe in you.
Concentrate on positivity,
And keep the negativity out!
Realise you have what it takes, and then go for it.
Chase your dreams.
Step out of your comfort zone.

Most people are still at this level, and they can only step out of this if they realise the first step to their dreams is within themselves.

« Self discovery is a part of life. Learning will always be a part of life. Trial and error is still a part of life. Failing and not succeeding only happens after you give up completely. Don’t be afraid to try and try again.” – Joanna Strafford

And NOW?

Are you ready to have a good look inside of your heart?
Are you ready to listen to what it has to say?

Your wishes and dreams are all placed there…
You just have to listen and believe they can come true.

You never know
where the next miracle is going to come from,
the next smile.
The next wish come true.
But if you believe that it is right around the corner.
And if you open your heart and mind to the possibility of it.
To the certainty of it.
You might just get the thing you’re wishing for. (© OTH)

The world is full of magic. You just have to believe in it. And believe in YOU.

You are the source of your own happiness and the master of your own life.

Take control. And take it now.

« In a dream John Lennon once told me, “If a person has any advice to give you —— If it is not to tell you to “keep on moving forward, keep on dreaming, keep on striving for what you want,” don’t believe a word they say.” Every reality started out as an idea, an idea became a dream. A dream became a motivation. A motivation became a goal and a goal turned into a reality that you created for yourself. If you believe this wholeheartedly then you are half way there. » – Joanna Strafford

Get inspired!1

1510435_10154126606210045_8015518632541397824_n Get inspired!

« I urge you to go out and complete your dreams, touch a life, do something – make someone believe in magic. »
– Chelsea Pavey



11 Commentaires

  1. Muller Camille
    5th mai 2014 / 1:29

    Beautiful article :)

    • Marie
      5th mai 2014 / 3:47

      thanks Camille :) xo

  2. Stuart
    8th mai 2014 / 12:14

    This piece is so you Marie. Beautifully written again with a wonderful message for all of us. You are already a writer and you are definitely on your way. Your words inspire me and your photography is wonderful. Your future is definitely in and around the arts! You were born for this. So proud of you! :)

    • Marie
      9th mai 2014 / 12:03

      thanks so much Stuart!
      Your support means the world to me :) <3

  3. Jeremy
    12th mai 2014 / 4:23

    Congratulations on another powerful and contemplative article Marie. You always make me stop and think, which is a sign of a great writer. Your wisdom and ability contine to amaze me, I wait excitedly to see where your future takes you. Thank you for all the effort that you put in for your readers. I know how much effort this takes <3 xo

    • Marie
      12th mai 2014 / 9:40

      thanks so much Jeremy!
      And yes, it takes a lot and that’s really worth it! ;)

  4. Alaska
    19th mai 2014 / 10:23

    J’ai beaucoup apprécié cet article. :) Je suis justement dans une période de doutes, j’ai des choix à faire et c’est pas facile. Ton article m’a donné du courage, un grand souffle d’espoir, de la fraîcheur, de la motivation!
    Puis du coup j’ai appris plein de nouveaux mots et je les écris dans un petit carnet (comme les différentes traduction de charabia ^^ haha). Donc merci à toi!

    • Marie
      19th mai 2014 / 9:29

      Vraiment ça me fait énormément plaisir et me touche beaucoup d’avoir des petits feedbacks comme ça :)
      Bon courage pour cette période de doutes que tu traverses – n’oublie jamais… ‘eventually, it’ll all turn out ok’ :)

  5. @JamieWard
    5th juin 2014 / 6:11

    [REPOST from Twitter]
    you are a very gifted writer! Lovely work

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