Don’t Be Afraid To Open Your Heart


Real men are not scared.

They are not scared in the sense that they are not afraid of facing your feelings. Real men know how to handle your heart.

They handle it with care.

When you are afraid of what he might tell you or of how he may react to what you want to say to him… When you’re afraid of him being scared of it… then you act like those common people out there, who are afraid of everything, and above all, afraid of letting out what’s in their heart.

Those people do not live. They don’t know how to. They maybe survive but only just then, because they’re obeying

a system,

a society,


Don’t be like them.

I know we’re never sure of anything in life, but I know we’re always certain of ONE thing that is what we are feeling now.

So if you feel what you feel today, then don’t keep it inside. Let it out. Don’t hide it. Don’t shut your feelings down. Tell them or write them.

Do it step by step. But do it.

It’s ok to apprehend but it’s unacceptable to let this apprehension guide you. If you have something to say, then say it. Don’t wait for things to happen.

If you’re waiting for a sign or anything, this is it. THIS is your sign.

So don’t be a waiter. Be a doer. And do what you have to do, tell it or write it, but do it NOW… when it’s still time.

Just think with your heart for once, not with your brain.

Open up and let things go the way they’re supposed to. They might not turn out the way you wish, but is it really a big deal when you’re sure of what you’re feeling?!

The question is… If you’re so worried about him being scared of what you want to tell him, then are you really sure of what you’re feeling. Sometimes society makes us think we feel things though we don’t. ‘Because you fit together perfectly’, they say, meaning you fit to the model they have built for you.

Don’t let them blind you.

Because I can assure you that when you perfectly know how you feel towards someone, and when your mind’s not corrupted by this bullshit society, then you’re not dismayed.

You’re not dismayed at all.

You open up your heart and let it begin.

You take your chance.

You start living.

Always go with your passions. Never ask yourself if it’s realistic or not.


4 Commentaires

  1. Amélie
    16th avril 2014 / 8:25

    Stunning! I’m so impressed by the way you write!

    • Marie
      16th avril 2014 / 10:42

      thanks chummy :)

  2. Stuart
    17th avril 2014 / 10:43

    This is beautiful Marie. There is so much in this for EVERYONE!
    It’s not always easy to do what you say is it, but you are right. And some of us only learn this when we are older. You have it so young and this is wonderful. :)

    • Marie
      18th avril 2014 / 9:31

      Life has been a great teacher and still is :) … tough sometimes, but oh, how inspiring!

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