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Today, I’m taking you to Lyon, and more precisely to the surroundings of where I’m actually living, which is not far from Place Bellecour (MAP >>HERE<<)

Going out after classes was not my initial plan but since I have a uni project to get ready for Monday, there was no time to lose. This project basically consists in convincing an English-speaking family (our group’s is Australian) to hire our company to help them with everything when they move to Lyon; and this work also requires us to make a little video, which is why I captured a few things and took the advantage of this little excursion in the surroundings to also take photos to share with you.

It’s true to say I quite never publish things about Lyon, which is pretty paradoxal knowing I – to my dismay – currently live here, but I must admit this is a lovely place :)!

A friend of mine once advised me to do what I did this afternoon, i.e. going out and wandering the streets while taking some pictures or writing down a few messy words once sat in a park. She said it would help me like it better and maybe love it as much as I love London but… that’s not really the case. I tried though, and I think I at least have taken that positive step, though it was not a conclusive one.

It was quite difficult for me to see where my inspiration was – so I took those photos here, which probably are the ones that look the most like me but it was hard… very hard. Believe me.

Photographing is a bit like writing. I think you need to feel a very deep love for something or someone before you create a little piece of art from it. If there’s no strong connection between you and the object of your ‘inspiration’, the result will never totally be here.

But I did my best and I hope you’ll still like what I captured ;)!

And the last thing I wanted to tell you about is a little anecdote of what happened today, while trying to make something great emerge from my hands and eyes… (because there’s always something happening when I leave my ‘cave’ ^^). Right, so I was walking along the Rhône when a man came and asked me which camera I was using. So I told him and then he said: ‘You’re not a local, are you?’ And I said no, because I’m indeed not originally from Lyon :p. So obviously, he then asked where I came from and he had a guess and said: ‘American! You’ve got sort of an accent when you speak.« LOL » – that was my reaction! ‘Nope, I’m French. I’ve been living in England for a while but that’s all ^^’. 6 months might seem a long time for some people but I never thought it could leave such marks :p!!!

When I think about it, it doesn’t really surprise me he thought I was not French: I had my camera, I was probably looking a bit lost and like a tourist and, above all – a real sacrilege when you’re French – I was smiling and friendly to a stranger I actually started talking to! Yep… this is definitely not a typical French behaviour! :p

But regarding who I have become, I’m indeed probably closer to any ‘native English speaker’ in the way I behave  ;)

Wooo, I wanted to write a small text but I don’t think I managed to do so :p! Hope you won’t mind reading a bit more than due ^^

Love always,


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8 Commentaires

  1. Rich
    26th mars 2014 / 11:26

    Well, it looks like a very nice, attractive city, if a bit lacking character. I have been. I quite enjoyed it. We stayed on the street with the expensive restaurants. I wasn’t too enamoured by the food, – though I know Lyon is a gastronomic capital, – but langoustine mousse isn’t really food, is it? My friend noticed a strange thing. When English people are dining out in groups or drinking in groups, all you hear is laughter, and people taking the piss out of each other. In Lyon, there was none of that. People talked very earnestly and intimately to each other. You didn’t hear people laughing at all. They were probably being deep and existential. It was very interesting. Maybe we’re just shallower than the French. That wouldn’t surprise me, and it’s probably not even a bad thing.
    You yourself probably need a few years away from Lyon to appreciate it. I didn’t thing much about where I grew up but when I go back now I think it’s beautiful.

    • Marie
      26th mars 2014 / 11:34

      I totally agree with you.
      I didn’t grow up in Lyon; I’ve just been studying here for 4/5 years now – I also think it doesn’t have much character and that’s why it’s so hard for me to fit in there sometimes…
      Concerning the food, that’s what is so called the French gastronomy ;) But if you consider food the way I also consider it, my answer is ‘no’, that’s not really food ^^
      And finally, regarding English people compared to French people, I can only agree once again! Being shallower is definitely not a bad thing, I think it’s good and healthy even :p! I also prefer having a big giggle around a table rather than talking serious !
      Thanks for your comment Rich! Always a pleasure :)

  2. Stuart
    27th mars 2014 / 10:30

    As always, I found your writing a pleasure to read. Having never been to France I can’t comment about the difference with the people. Your photo’s were very interesting for me. Australia is such a young country by comparison and our architecture is not so grand. I think you did a great job with the photo’s and I agree with your friends advice. It doesn’t matter that you don’t love it like London, it’s about that moment while you have the camera in your hand and finding the angle, the light, the shadows, whatever it is to express what you see and feel at that moment. In my opinion you are a great photographer and should continue to develop this skill. Beautiful.

    • Marie
      27th mars 2014 / 4:23

      Thank you so much Stuart but I’m still deeply convinced and persuaded that, though the photos here are not too bad, we need to ‘feel a very deep love for something or someone before we can create a piece of art from it. If it’s not there, the result – (I should probably add) the effect I want to produce – will never totally be here.’ :)

  3. Amélie
    27th mars 2014 / 6:46

    Again, Marie, great pictures! You’re sooo skilled in everything you do!
    I juste wanted to say that whatever my future will be, Lyon will always be in my heart. Because of the two amazing years I’ve lived there! And maybe you don’t feel that your photos mean a lot because of the lack of connection with the city, but trust me, you’re wrong! At least wrong for me! Because they mean a lot to me! So thank you ! And I do know the reputation of French people all over the world but I can tell everybody that we’re not all like that! I always laugh and scream, and speak loud when I go out with my friends! I can’t do otherwise!
    I love everything about this city even if I know I’ll leave it in two months! So thank you for the article!

    • Marie
      27th mars 2014 / 7:32

      Thank you so much my dear Amélie! I know we don’t have the same connection to Lyon; I’ve lived here for 5 years now and I don’t think I’ll ever attached to this place like you are, but it’s ok :)
      And regarding the reputation of French people, I agree it’s not everybody’s case but it’s the case for the majority :p! But maybe because you and I are kind of eccentric not-really-French French girls, we DO laugh out loud at tables and never speak serious when we’re going out together! :p
      Oh and by the way, that’s a note for everyone who’ll read this answer: Never go out with Amélie or me IF we’re together… we’re unbearable! (a good kind of unbearable though ^^)
      Allez, bisous bisous, my lovely friend <3

  4. Amélie
    28th mars 2014 / 8:40

    Love the idea of being unbearable! :D
    and sadly you’re right, people rarely smile… :(

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