Innocent – The Organic Orange Juice


Let’s talk about orange juice and more generally about the vey delicious Innocent smoothies! But before telling you about the brand, I’d like to quickly introduce you to this one that illustrates my article.

So… If you like your juice to be as tasty as can be, you’re in the right place. This is the one for those who like to savour every bit of the fruit. Obviously, the skin has been removed, but you’ll find the juice and the tasty fleshy bits all present and correct. And that’s all I love! :D

Now, concerning the brand, it was created in 1999, when during a festival, where they were selling smoothies, the people from Innocent asked for their customers’ opinion about their products, and it turned out that they got enough positive feedbacks to set up their own business. And I can assure you I’m the first to be thrilled about that!

The second and probably most important thing I’d like to mention about Innocent is their Chain of Good. This concept revolves around three short slogans that are TASTES GOOD, DOES YOU GOOD and DOES OTHERS GOOD. Indeed, Innocent uses the best fruit possible to make their well-worth-drinking smoothies and juices. Plus, the brand likes to say that they want their customers to live well and die old, which is why their drinks are packed with natural goodness. And finally, buying an Innocent product means, besides doing you good,  you do others good as well, since 10% of Innocent‘s profits are given to charity. Since 2004 Innocent has donated £5.4m to good causes.

I think this such a good idea to work internationally for good causes; it’s very enriching and as they say on their website, it’s all about leaving things a little bit better than we find them – one of our core philosophies, and one that we try to apply to everything we do.




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