Magic Moments #13 – Getting Closer & Closer to London


13th InstaMagic already and this one gathers all my Instagram photos of March :)

This month has been quite busy with all my uni exams and presentations, but I managed to publish some articles on here anyway.

Among the following photos, you’ll find a bit of everything; from some very yummy times to hard-working ones. You’ll also stumble upon the countdown photo, showing how many more days I have to wait before heading to my beloved London (it was 125 a few days ago and there are now 118 left before I leave :D!) and upon the one displaying my Oyster card I’m so happy to have finally received (I’m now almost completely ready to go on this new adventure!) – I’m so excited about this summer; I’m so looking forward to it and to everything that’s waiting for me there… It’s going to me amazing!

Maybe I can already mention some projects and must-do I have in mind, such as a theatre marathon with my theatre buddies ^^, coffee & tea times with friends, a visit at the Harry Potter film studio (I’ll have to wait for my brother for this one though… I promised him :p), a visit at the Parliament as well and come backs to places, where my heart is anchored.

PS: I will of course do a special post (a bit before leaving, i.e. by the end of June) that’ll be dedicated to my getting ready for these 9 weeks at home.

And I also wanted to remind you that you could find some of my words/quotes, the ones I like to call Words Of My Heart, on my Tumblr, right >>HERE<< (this page is regularly updated)




In Kate Millen’s words, “Texting is easy. Text-talk like “omg” and “bb” and “ur” is a slap in the face to language. The worst is “ILY.” ILY. Why couldn’t we just say “I love you”? If the feeling is so sincere, is spending your time on a few extra characters really so much harder?” I don’t think it is. Or at least, it shouldn’t be. If you love someone, you should write. You should knock at their heart and tell them. 
Writing is such a wonderful process. This ability we have to turn 26 letters into words and thousands of words into millions of sentences IS the most beautiful and purest sensation in the world. 
Unfortunately, writing a letter today seems like an ancient act of love you can only find in a Shakespeare’s play. But writing was and still is, in my opinion, the best way to express your feelings and show your love. 
Especially if you love someone who lives miles away from you… If that’s the case, don’t tweet them. Don’t Facebook them or text them. Write to them. Write a letter, write a love letter, use ink, use paper, or even use your computer and write your heart out on a blog or in an email. Write your words. Write your feelings and emotions. And write your love.

f26b2304933411e39b1912477b2023c1_8InstaMagic #132 c787e0469d3e11e3ab9a126ea4147b56_8 c646fc5e956d11e3a44a0a2c80059629_8 InstaMagic #131 df1610a699f211e3a5ce120ade99cc62_8 InstaMagic #13 eefb8fd094d111e39408122af78613a0_8b6e9892e8ef211e3ac2912692d1693f0_8“She was normal–depressive, highly intelligent, and yes, definitely unstable, but she had her fair share of dates and “necking” nights, and cared about whether her dress matched her purse. She worried about boys, wrote about boys, and was, in fact, an American teenager in the late forties and early fifties. She did her homework on time, and just happened to be damn good with a typewriter. And then she wrote something like this. Something so poignant and bare-boned in its wisdom. It’s great. It’s true. I don’t care what anyone says. – Mary Sellers”

a462958a94d211e3837a12cb638b5d5b_8 a0f4a9909de411e38fe012b1c8928cc9_8 04646228a05a11e39bcf12eff2a49332_8© Photo by Sam Carpenter on Flickr OFF BRICK LANE

HOLD ON. That’s what I try to tell myself everyday. That’s what I try to do everyday. But there’s this pain within my heart that is growing bigger and bigger and that can’t be stopped. 
Everybody seems to be moving on but I can’t. I miss YOU terribly and my soul is dying more & more each day. 
Haruki Murakami once wrote, “Memories warm you up from the inside. But they also tear you apart.” Until now, my souvenirs of YOU have always cheered me up but today, they’re knocking me down. 
Missing YOU is like hell on earth. 
I can’t help but listen to your delicate & reassuring voice and picture your beautiful smile but BLOODY HELL, it’s like taking a bullet into my heart every time!
Its hurts more than it does me good. BUT forgetting would make things dreadfully worse! 
I miss YOU… and time had better hurry ‘cause I don’t think I’ll survive any longer… 
# Words Of A Nighthawk’s Broken Heart #

98105ece98e811e3b3f20a0a7998a9f3_8‘Write forever’ he said. When I don’t trust myself, when I’m lost and I can’t find my way back to the light anymore, I read his words, I hear his voice and I feel him next to me. And then… 
I’m ok again. Though I still miss him… 68013aa6a05811e38eef12ee29d0ca8c_8 47198b36916211e39b1d12fe50743d0f_8Maybe one day you’ll read ALL the words I wrote FOR you; and maybe one day you’ll find out HOW I fell for you… You’ll know everything… 45855e1095bf11e3ae5e123909f0a75e_8 4756d6648f5811e383dc1219137b9e09_8 46e37d2e8fec11e3aac80a2ea8d96915_8 1e7750c699a711e3946c12acc09e8934_8772b8d14936611e3b45c12bc0078aa9b_8When you gave me some of your time, you gave me a portion of your life and I gave you one of mine. We’ll never get that time back again and for nothing in the world, I would want to. 0a730a60965111e3b666120af7cd0240_8



2 Commentaires

  1. Martin Groene
    8th mars 2014 / 12:09

    Hey Marie!
    I can’t believe you find the time to write all this! Every time I read your posts, I am beyond amazed! I can’t wait to read the future articles you’ll write when you’re a journalist in Great Britain (you’ll inspire Mr. Fodor TDs for sure). I’ve just come back from London and I really wish you to have an amazing time there! Just make sure to book the Parliament tour in advance on a Saturday, otherwise you won’t be able to make it (although I’m pretty sure you already know this…). Looking forward to reading your next post!

    • Marie
      8th mars 2014 / 10:36

      Ah Martin! Thanks so much for your comment, it means more than what you’ll ever imagine.
      To be very honest with you, I don’t really know myself when I find my time to write but I do… and I guess this is because ALL THAT is driven by passion :) But I must admit I’m always kinda struggling to find even an hour to write a little something ^^
      I hope you enjoyed your time in London, though I bet you did :D and that you brought wonderful memories back with you <3
      Much love.
      See you soon.

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