La Tentation de Nina by Nina Ricci feat. Ladurée


This is a REAL crush! I first discovered this new and quite original collaboration thanks to Zoe from Zoe Macaron (read her article on this new perfume >>here<<)

Nina invites us to enter into a tantalizing swirl of sweet indulgence.

This perfume is an unprecedented-encounter-born perfume. Its conception and creation required the knowledge of two art forms that merge in a tantalising swirl of sweet indulgenceOlivier Cresp, Nina Ricci’s Master Perfumer, and Vincent Lemains, Head Pastry Chef at Ladurée, have combined their talents to create a playful mirroring of the senses. This duo teamed together to create the ultimate temptation: a fragrance inspired a macaron, and a macaron inspired by a perfume.

The perfect gift for Valentine’s day, this perfume suggests an awakened desire, a call to the senses. Torn between the fear of mystery and its enticement, Nina has been tempted by a new experience, inviting the magic of dreams to enter reality. Like a forbidden fruit, indulgence calls to her like an irresistible invitation to temptation. 

With a mix of delicious and tempting flavours, this new scent’s got everything to conquer thousands of hearts! What about you? Will you yourself be tempted by this new dangerous fruit? As far as I’m concerned, I’m already won over!

PS: I also added the related advert, which makes me think a lot about Harry Potter :p… probably because of the music, I don’t know ^^ You’ll tell me what you think about it ;)


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