*My Little Smile Box* (+ contest)


Don’t forget to smile today!


YAY! My Little Smile Box! What a better start to the new year could there possibly be?! This box is the perfect way for me to remind you once again to embrace this new year as it deserves to be embraced. Smile to people, be nice to them and you’ll see how happy that’ll make you! It’s a simple and very rewarding way of life, believe me ;)!

Anyway… Here’s what my Little Box has sent us this month: a very nice violet hand cream, a beauty mask, the blue baby lips (you’ll by the way be able to win by taking into the contest that is at the end of this post), another fantastic My Little World Magazine with beautiful photos of New Orleans and the lovely illustration by Kanako :)

One again, I think we can say we’ve been spoilt by My Little Paris – it’s such a treat to receive this box every month so that every subscriber can have her own little girly moments :)

Meanwhile you discover the content throughout the pictures below, I shall see you at the end of this post to explain what this contest is all about ;) Enjoy! DSC_0367 DSC_0404kanakowordskplannerDSC_0402boxsmileDSC_0372beautyproducts DSC_0424cream DSC_0425DSC_0403DSC_0401mlwmcupcakesDSC_0405DSC_0407DSC_0408

Aright… so here’s what you can win thanks to this My Little Box CONTEST.

You could be the very happy winner of the blue Baby Lips, the nail art set (already seen >>here<<) and another surprise that basically consists in me writing a few personalised words to you :) I hope you like the idea and that you’ll be a few to participate. Speaking of, if you wish to take part into this little contest, you simply need to leave me a comment under this post telling me you do participate AND like my Facebook page >>here<< if not already done ;) 

Good luck everyone! 

PS: You don’t need to live in France to participate! This contest is open to people from the entire world ;) 

–> End of the contest: January, 31 (2014)DSC_0432


Congratulations Coline! :)blogcontest#2RESULTS


15 Commentaires

  1. Kana
    17th janvier 2014 / 10:50


    I love reading your posts I would like to enter in the contest please!
    They don’t have these in Australia.

    • Marie
      17th janvier 2014 / 10:55

      Oh brilliant! An Australian girl! Thanks so much for your comment and there’s no worries at all! You’ll be part of the random draw ;) xo
      PS: Don’t forget to like my Facebook page if it’s not already done :)

  2. Camille
    18th janvier 2014 / 2:20

    Hi, honey!
    I love your blog so much you know it, I’ll follow you forever whatever happens =) I identify myself in your posts, pictures… etc. Everytime you write anything, I have such a pleasure to read it ^_^
    Stay who you are and go on with your blog, you make more people happy and smile than you think ;-)
    Thanks for being ^_^ <3
    Love xxx

    PS: I'd be soooo glad to win the contest!! hihihi

    • Marie
      18th janvier 2014 / 8:24

      Oh Camille I know but thanks so much once again! It’s such a pleasure to get feedbacks like yours :) You’re such a sweetheart <3
      You're on the list of participants and I wish you a very good luck ;)
      Thanks for taking part in it and I won't remind you to like the FB page before, as I know it's been ages since you liked it ;)
      Much much love and thanks again for your support ;) xo

  3. Sixtine
    20th janvier 2014 / 11:17

    Here is my comment! I can try! :p
    I just love your blog, it makes me think of flowers, and sun, don’t ask me why!
    – I’m trying to participe!
    You’re a great girl Marie, and I think that we’re a bit similar for many things..
    See you soon! Lot of Love <3

    • Marie
      20th janvier 2014 / 11:55

      Ah brilliant Sixtine! It’s worth the try, I think :) I mean all it takes you is to leave a comment and like the blog’s Facebook page so it doesn’t take much time or energy or even money haha
      Thanks for participating and don’t hesitate to share the contest :)
      Thanks for your lovely words too, they made me smile :))))
      Have a great day! Much much love xxxxx

  4. Amélie
    20th janvier 2014 / 4:30

    Dear Marie, you know how much I love your blog! I even told a friend about it!! You’ll probably have a new reader soon!
    So, I’m definitely participating to the contest! :D

    • Marie
      20th janvier 2014 / 7:29

      Ah brilliant Amélie! I knew it wouldn’t be too long before you leave a little comment over here ;) Thanks for participating and for telling your friend about my blog! I love having new readers and meeting new people thanks to it! It’s so enriching, so thanks a lot.
      PS: Don’t hesitate to share the contest too if you know people who’d be interested :)
      Love always,

  5. Pauline
    20th janvier 2014 / 9:10

    My little Marie, I had never really taken time to watch more into details your blog and what a pity because it is an amzing job you are doing! I love the way you put it all together and the pictures as well, nice, friendly and warm colours and atmosphere. But I think those words go well with who you are and your blog. Love you <3 keep doing what you do!!

    • Marie
      20th janvier 2014 / 11:02

      thank you so much Pauline! Those words from you mean more than some others might :)
      PS: have just added you to the list of participants :)
      Much much love <3 xxxx

  6. 23rd janvier 2014 / 1:45

    Hi! I just drop by to say Hi! & smile :-).
    Have a good day.

    • Marie
      23rd janvier 2014 / 5:10

      Thanks darling :) Hope you’re well :) xo

  7. Coline
    28th janvier 2014 / 9:16

    Dear Marie,
    I told you I would participate to the contest and leave you a message so here it is :) !!
    I didn’t know you could write that well and I am sooooo impressed about the quality of your writing (and your photos , I mean…WHOAAA)! I’m glad you sent me an invite to like your FB page a while ago because it has been a pleasure to know you better through your blog, to see how passionate you are about it (I wish I could be as passionate as you!) and I actually feel proud to know you because I think in a few years (maybe months?) your blog will be known from a loooot of people who will identify themselves with your writing! I just want to wish you good luck with everything and don’t ever stop writing because it would be a real shame :) xx

    • Marie
      28th janvier 2014 / 9:29

      Oh Coline thank you so much! This message of yours is soooo beautiful! I feel very thankful and honoured to read such lovely feedbacks like this one. It’s the best reward I can get! Thanks once again for your comment and for participating to the contest as well :) A very good luck to you ;)
      Much much love <3

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