Lettres d’un Inconnu (Letters from a Stranger)

Since when haven’t you received a beautiful letter?


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I’m baaaack! Ah I can write to you again! I haven’t completely finished taking my exams; I’ve got one left on Friday but I think the worst is behind me ^^ And speaking of, revisions and exams do not only bring you tears, tiredness and light panic attacks (haha). No, they can also get you to spend some time with some lovely people you don’t usually spend time with and last Friday, a friend told me about a brand new concept, born in Paris, that I really really liked! And that’s what I’m going to tell you about today.

First of all I’ll let you read what this thing is all about and I’ll then give you my own opinion :).


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When was the last time you received a beautiful handwritten letter in your mailbox?

Lettres d’un Inconnu (Letters from a Stranger) is a subscription service to receive an actual letter from a stranger, twice a month in your mailbox. Our objective is to revive the lost art of writing and receiving letters through the mail. To have once again the pleasure to open one’s mailbox and discover a beautiful letter, personally addressed to yours truly. The pleasure to take several minutes in our crazy schedule, read a true story told by a stranger.
A story that will surprise you, make you laugh, travel or that will inspire you. 

Each letter is handwritten or typed, reproduced on high quality paper, arriving in beautiful envelopes with a nice French stamp. 

Our letters aim to be continually surprising, uplifting, and often inspirational. We ask strangers to tell their stories for our community of subscribers. 

Currently the letters are available in both French and English, and may be sent to every destination in the world.

*subscription here*


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I’m sure THIS already made some of you sooooo excited! I personally would love to do it but I’m already extremely busy (believe it or not, but YES, I am!) and I still can’t figure out how to make days last longer than 24 hours so… :/ I won’t be part of it unfortunately… well, at least for now ;)

But I think it is such a brilliant idea and what I particularly found appealing was the fact that, if you can write in English, you can write letters to the entire world! Isn’t that so great?! Plus, the project is very genuine. People write down their stories, their life. They’ll tell about a childhood dream that became reality or about how a chaotic childhood led to a fairy tale life,… They’ll tell about their extra-ordinary life stories or simply ordinary life stories that might touch you.

And because I think every story is beautiful, I think every story deserves to be told, to be written, and shared. It’s always such a treat to hear beautiful or… not-that-beautiful true stories; I mean… I truly believe that you can learn from everyone, whatever they have to tell. Every story matters and every story teaches.

« Why would only great authors have the chance to have their stories and letters published? My objective is to find, investigate, curate letters that are as beautiful and extraordinary, written by some ‘ordinary’ strangers. » – Lettres d’un inconnu

« History is made of many life stories put together. » – Lettres d’un inconnu 


4 Commentaires

  1. 15th janvier 2014 / 10:53

    I suscribed beggining of the month, can’t wait to recieve my first letter (in french, as even if i’m bilingual, i’m french)

    • Marie
      16th janvier 2014 / 8:54

      Such a brilliant concept :) Hope you’ll tell me more once you’ve received your first two letters ;) xo

  2. 16th janvier 2014 / 1:07

    I’ll probably say few words on my blog :)

    • Marie
      16th janvier 2014 / 5:37

      ah brilliant :) xo

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