You’re My Most Beautiful Nightmare

It’s crazy, isn’t it? How powerful words and poetry can be. It takes you into someone’s world. A world you know nothing about. A world you learn to discover. You slowly and deeply get into it and sometimes you can’t even get out. You share the love and the pain of the poet. You live and feel what he or she lives and feels. You’re with the artist for a while.  For a while, just for a while, you’re holding my hand and walking with me. 

This is the first poem I’m publishing on here so I hope you won’t be too strict with me :) Enjoy! 

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥



4 Commentaires

  1. Stuart
    5th janvier 2014 / 7:50

    So beautiful. I hope you post more of your poetry soon. :)

    • Marie
      5th janvier 2014 / 8:44

      Ah thanks Stuart! I think I prefer writing prose but it’s always nice to try new things :)

  2. yoshi
    20th janvier 2014 / 9:31

    wow… beautiful website :)

    • Marie
      20th janvier 2014 / 11:53

      cheers :)

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