British Style For The Holiday Season

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During the holiday season, there always tends to be a great deal of buzz about fashion and style, which certainly makes some sense. Not only are people trying to look their best while seeing friends and family members, attending holiday parties, etc., but people are also stocking up on new wardrobe items, whether through Christmas gift-giving (and receiving) or simply while taking advantage of sales. In short, it’s a busy time of year for those who concern themselves with fashion, and with winter trends.

This year, I’ve found a particularly fun way to enjoy this emphasis on fashion, by combining it with the always stylish trends and images of London! Infectiously stylish and wonderful in so many ways, London tends to have some truly unique looks that add an extra element of class to any outfit or accessory. And in the M&S « Brit Chic » section being featured online this holiday season, I found a number of examples that I thought to be worth sharing.

The following are simply some miscellaneous London-inspired fashions and items any woman would love to have for the holiday season and the winter to come. Enjoy!

Indigo Collection Boots

Looking through Elle‘s list of best boots of the year, you’ll find a lot of different styles, and ultimately the conclusion is clear: any sort of boots will do. But these leather, « biker style » boots, available in brown or black, are about as British chic as it gets. Two buckles complement an otherwise plain but sleek design.

Mixed Colour Wool Coat

It seems that every year we hear camel coats are trendy, and the fact is they’re just always stylish. The same is true of basic dark wool coats, and this particular selection blends both trends for a unique, distinctly British, and irresistible look.

Plaid Wool Coat

For another twist on a popular style, this plaid wool coat is about as trendy as it gets. We’ve heard a great deal in 2013 about « men’s fabrics » making their way into women’s fashions, and while the concept has perhaps been publicized a bit too much, this coat is a great example. Heavy wool with a plaid style is uniquely feminine in this particular coat.

Colourful Tote Bag (Small)

If you’re looking for an inexpensive (try £50 online) alternative to those stylish Prada and Gucci bags always featured in accessory lists, this stylish, double-handled tote bag is a very cute winter option. Offered in various colours, it’s a great way to add a bit of brightness to any look while giving yourself a convenient, stylish tote.

So there you have it! They’re just a few ideas, but each is unique, stylish, and decidedly British. Certainly, for anyone with a love for all things London, these are items worth looking into this season!


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