Raspberry & Blueberry Smoothie


Smoothie Lover… Attention please! 

As a smoothie lover myself (and more precisely, as a red fruits smoothie lover) :D, I suddenly and unexpectedly felt like having one the other day! No special reason! I just had a sudden craving for some smoothie… But unfortunately I did not have time to make one (too many dossiers and papers for uni :/!!!). So as I had to find another way so that I could eventually get my smoothie (I never give up, you know that, and it’s even truer when it comes to smoothies or chocolate :D!!!).

Alright so today’s post is not a very common culinary post as this time, I didn’t do much… The only things I had to do to enjoy this very yummy raspberry & blueberry smoothie was go outside to the supermarket next door and buy a carton of this delicious smoothie, then go back home, take a glas and a straw and pour the smoothie in my glas!

No recipe! Everything’s easy and quick! No need to take your beautiful apron out an take the risk of dirtying it :/ (it wouldn’t be really cool…)

Anyway, though I know we’re not all from France and we might not all have the exact same brand of smoothie but I’m sure you’ll find something similar somewhere :)

Meanwhile, I wish you a very nice day (or evening, depending on where you are on this planet right now ^^), my sweet berries, and I shall write to you again very soon :)

Lots of sugared kisses 



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