24 things you may not know about me…

Alright, so here are a few messy things about me you might want to know… or not :p! 

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1) I  like not being able to sleep because there are too many things I want to do.

2) I like the smell and the light of spring.

3) I love British accents and the way British people say « darling », « dear » & « love ».

4) I like the Australian sweetness and the way they call you mate as if every human being was part of the same big family.

5) I like talking to people who are older than me (whether a few years or 20 to 30 years older) but I tend to struggle to interact with people my exact same age.

6) I’m always scared of not being enough, of never doing good enough; I’m scared of being a let-down.

7) I like the silence or when it rains so hard that everything else seems so quiet.

8) I love spending hours and hours with my horse, then come home and have a lovely cup of tea in front of a good old fire because it’s bloody cold outside.

9) I love photographing anything that inspires me and I absolutely adore watching black & white films for they are better at transmitting emotions.

10) I hate people who are judging others by their only appearance.

11) I love going to the theatre or to the opera. I am a musical lover and I like listening and watching the artists perform for they embody art itself.

12) I like words, I like writing them… but I don’t like people who use weird and complicated educated words.

13) I like to write because it helps me put words on feelings, smells and colours and it helps me understand things  better.

14) I love reading and I love to always have anecdotes from my diverse readings. I like to be moved and completely turned around by a book, a story, by words.

15) I like to challenge myself, I like to discover new places and meet new people for it’s the most enriching experience ever.

16) I love sharing stories, laughs, cups of tea, coffees or anything else with people.

17) I’m constantly trying to understand human nature.

18) I like falling asleep beside someone.

19) I love all kind of musics but I do really like melancholic songs for they always have something to tell. I also like tragic stories and… I get sad pretty often, but that doesn’t mean I’m not happy.

20) I think I’ve found something (my writing)  I love so much that I wake up every single day with wide open eyes, looking forward to spend another day doing what I love.

21) I’ve experienced a few years of pain & struggle and I got over by thinking there was a reason for it all… and I was right. Those tough times taught me how to feel, how to fight and how to live.

22) I’m happy to say I’ve experienced things and met people who changed me and I’m glad because this is far from being the end; I still have so many new people to meet, things to experience and risks to take. It makes me grow, understand, learn and realise; it expands my world a little bit more every time.

23) It has always been hard for me to say goodbye to people who matter. And it’s even harder when the person you have to say goodbye to is someone who is very important for you, someone you deeply care about…

24) I met someone not a long ago who’s on my mind,who means a lot to me, who I’d like to see more often and who I think I’m slowly falling for ♡


7 Commentaires

    • Marie
      3rd décembre 2013 / 10:08

      Aww thank you so much, love <3

  1. Stuart
    4th décembre 2013 / 10:49

    You have a wonderful heart, mind and soul. xx

    • Marie
      4th décembre 2013 / 5:39

      Thank you so much Stuart <3

  2. 6th décembre 2013 / 11:48

    Thanks for sharing all these beautiful things about you. I’m part Australian and older than you so we get along fine ;)
    I hope things go nicely with that person you have on your mind, good luck! xx

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