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« You own me. I offer you my soul, if you take me with you. I swear I give my all, if you never let me go. I hold my breath ’cause I don’t need it when I’m with you. Just take me, breath me… I give myself to you « 

– I give myself away BY The Glass Child

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 19.54.09© PHOTO BY Ana Gabriela Góes

Wherever I might go, whatever I might do, what will always truly matter are the people. The people I’ll meet, the friends, the family, the lovers, the strangers; they all seem very different persons but they’re actually all the same! And I realised that last January, when I kinda officially started my life on the road, a life I will spend travelling, no matter how often I’ll be journeying.

Cutting my roots and leaving my family to go to the beautiful Land of Albion forced me to build my home in other things, in other places. I’ve found myself in London! I hold this place very dear in my heart and I love being there so much that it is now the only city I view as my HOME. But I’ve also found shelters through the people I met. And leaving them after six months was as hard as it was to leave my family first, if it’s not more… I love them, I miss them and I have regrets.

I have regrets because I wish I had told them what I wanted to tell them, when I had the chance… I just hope it’s not too late… (but I don’t think so). Since I left my homeland, I’ve loved people to the deepest core and now I would like to tell them how much I love them, or simply that I love them. But it’s a very hard thing to do, so I’m simply telling them that they matter a lot to me and that I care about them.

« If I got one chance to say what I wanted to say to all the people I’ve stumbled upon, it would simply be ‘You matter. I appreciate the way you are and thank you for being that way.’ So small and simple words, but with so much meaning. » – Charlotte Eriksson

The angels I met (my adorable angels) are with me and they will forever be with me. They’re in my memories, in my stories, but most of all, they’re in my heart… These people I’m talking about haven’t only been my shelters for an hour time… they’ve always been there, they still are, and they will be a home to me until the end of my days. They are those people I now tend to connect myself with more easily. They are the ones I meet here and there, the ones I share a story and a cup of tea with, the ones who eventually become my family. They are just like this Australian guy I met over a cup of coffee in London and who made my day with a simple smile, and who (probably unconsciously) gave me one of the most beautiful days I hadn’t had for a long time… (and I’m thanking him SO MUCH for that)

« Here’s to how I found you, and here’s to how you found me. » – Charlotte Eriksson

It’s hard to admit but I think we rarely  take the opportunity to tell people we love that we love them. Life is short, so what are we waiting for? What am I waiting for to tell them I love them, to tell him that I love him?! I think sometimes we should just stop focusing on our blood family or on our closest friends and  stop living our life  depending on them. Though I’m not saying that we must forget them, I’m talking about the human beings here, the ones who made their way into our lives and who shared diverse and various things with us! Do you realise how a person gives you a piece of their life when they’re telling you about their favourite book, or band, or when they’re talking about their blood family?! They let you become a part of their world, their life, their being; and even if what they share seems like a very small thing or like it doesn’t mean a lot to them, it is big enough to be cared about!

« Nothing is little when it comes to a life »  – Charlotte Eriksson

So here’s to the people I love, I miss and I regret not having told them yet that I love them. Here’s to YOU, who’s on my mind, who matters and who I care a lot about! I look forward to seeing you all again ♡

Now, I’ll just conclude with those words… Take care of the people you meet. Stand up for them. Smile to strangers. Hope. Smile again. Dream. And Love.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

« I couldn’t find my way, nothing made me stay, spending half my life trying to survive, just to stay alive. (…) I never found somewhere to stay,  never thought I’d be ok. I never found a place that made me stay (until now, until I meet you). If they only knew what I’ve been through…

I know I’ll be alright ’cause I found you… Because of you, I will stay, I’ll be ok. I could never walk away, Oh my love you make me stay! With you I will be ok, with you I know I’ll find my way some day. You make sense of what I say, makes me want to find a way (…). You’re giving me a place where I feel safe. I never knew a place that felt this safe ♥« 

#England #StayThen

I Will Be Ok by The Glass Child

Love Always, Marie ♥


2 Commentaires

  1. 13th novembre 2013 / 1:02

    Your blog is looking lovelier & lovelier! Truly, it has a beautiful & whimsical feel :)

    I can only imagine that having those wonderful oportunities to travel & explore, (is the real pay off!) The people who are meant to be in our lives, always remain a big part of it!

    It’s always great to remember the details & stories which make up the ones we love too!!!

    • Marie
      13th novembre 2013 / 5:49

      Wow! thank you for your comment, it’s so adorable <3
      And I totally agree with you about the opportunities life gives us (or should I rather say the opportunities that we take, because we want to live this or experience that!), and all the horizons we can explore and all the people we meet this way... All these things, all these experiences and memories provide such an amazing & powerful feeling!
      Plus, I completely get you when you say 'The people who are meant to be in our lives, always remain a big part of it!' THIS is just the truest thing ever!
      Thanks again for this lovely feedback!
      Much love <3

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