1. Sweater – RAD  2. Galaxy Skirt – COLETTE 3. Lush Lacquer nail polish – Pshiiit 4. Blueblack Galaxy printed Hair Bow – ETSY  5. Lush Lacquer nail polish – Pshiiit 6. Glittering Black Skirt – TOPSHOP  7. Lush Lacquer nail polish – Pshiiit

Hello my galactic buddies! I hope everybody’s well today and that you all had a happy Halloween :D! Today, I want to share a very galactic selection, inspired my adorable Flavie Peticoeur’s last post (>>here<<). I sincerely advise you to take a look at her selection too; it may be the same theme, but the items are completely different ;)!

I don’t know about you, but I really like this trend! It’s different, true! AND I’m not telling you to wear everything at once, because it would be way TOO MUCH!!! But this lovely galactic bow to complete a pretty dark outfit or even one of those funny nail polishes to brighten up a pretty classy style, or even the total galactic skirt or sweater worn with a more ‘simple’ cloth could make you reach the stars ;)!

Verdict?! What do you think about my selection? Which item would you wear, which one would you not wear? I’m waiting for your feedbacks :D



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