Interview – Meet my adorable Mélie from ‘Le Blog de Mélie’ :)


A week ago, I was about to meet my adorable Mélie, who started blogging at the same time as I did and who I have always communicated with since the creation of our 2 blogs! She is such a nice person and we instantly got on well together! We’re almost the same, slightly like Siamese! (not joking!)

Well anyway, we met last last Thursday at lunch time and we had a lovely chat while savouring our panini! We talked about quite everything, including our blogs (as a matter of course!), and our conversation was so natural it almost felt like I had found a big sister :)!

Eventually, I took some pictures of her outfit of that day (which was very nice, we all must admit!)! I was so excited about being her photographer (I can’t wait to do this again!!!), and I was even gladder to capture this very girly time as she especially wore her platform sneakers (I’m definitely in love with…) which reminded me of my homeland (#BritishStyle !!!) :p

And because I wanted to spoil you a bit more, I managed to get you a little interview of this fantastic blogger and even more fabulous person! I hope you’ll like it, as well as the pictures (but be careful not to fall in love with her shoes, it is incurable then :/ :p!!!).

Le Blog de Mélie 

1) Who is Mélie and what is your blog about?

I am a 25-year-old woman who is passionate about fashion.I studied communication and I have been living in Lyon for 5 years. After having worked for the Marie-Claire women’s magazine and for the famous Publicis communication group, I decided to create a blog, dedicated to fashion, trends, beauty but also cookery! This blog is essentially made for women; there they will find my diverse street styles and above all, lots of advice that will keep them IN ;) ! I’m very glad because it works quite well and the number of visits is getting bigger and bigger! I write about everything I like, because it was way too hard for me to find a UNIQUE theme for my blog! I simply am passionate about life!

2) When did you start blogging?

Le Blog de Mélie was born about 6 months ago… ALREADY! Time flies! I didn’t even notice it went that quickly! The creation and the daily upkeep of a blog require lots of time and involvement!

3) Why did you create a blog?

I decided to create a blog so as to get my work and passions altogether! I wrote a report about women’s fashion magazines, their relation to the brands and to the digital media (i.e. the Internet and the social networks). Consequently, I learnt to use these media so that I could promote women’s fashion products. I just thought I could share my experience and knowledge on my blog. It is true to say that most women sometimes feel lost in front of the huge quantity of products available on the market, and they often don’t know which item they’re going to buy. So I am a kind of personal coach, but way less intrusive!

4) What do you like the most about blogging?

I like meeting other bloggers, discovering the universe of often very exceptional persons… who have real passions. It’s amazing! We’re talking, sharing our little tips, meeting sometimes (aren’t we, my lovely Marie?!). Blogging is a beautiful human experience, even if it often remains virtual.

5) Do you have hobbies?

Yes, of course! I have lots of hobbies! I love music, especially the 1960’s and 1970’s one. I essentially listen to rock music but I also like classical music. Speaking of, when I drive, I often listen to Verdi’s requiem that I find particularly mind-blowing! I am obviously a fashion addict, always browsing in shops looking for new trends and gorgeous cheap clothes. I often go to the cinema too, and I’d love Quentin Tarantino to make a movie every month for my only pleasure! Yes, I admit… I’m a big fan of his work!

6) Do you have any plans for your blog? Are there any projects going on? Where would you like to see you blog in a year time?

I would like my blog to attract new visitors and I will do my best to achieve this by writing nice new articles everyday… and all this without any fuss! I of course have projects for the blog! It’s been quite a while now I’m thinking of creating my own wedding-planner business. My blog could thus be a great springboard for my professional project, helping me transmit the event-planning-business-related information. Le Blog de Mélie will still exist and it will be in perfect harmony with this « fashion addict & inveterate fashionista »  and « working girl » worlds.

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6 Commentaires

  1. 9th octobre 2013 / 9:06

    Encore mille merci pour ce chouette article Marie, je t’adore !!!

    • Marie
      9th octobre 2013 / 7:33

      Aww you’re so very welcome my lovely! It was my pleasure :) <3 Xxxx

  2. 9th octobre 2013 / 3:22

    Hello sweetie!

    Great post.

    Ps : sorry, I’m so late on reading your new blog posts…


    • Marie
      9th octobre 2013 / 7:38

      Hey sweetheart! No worries at all, really :) And thank you ^^
      I’m so glad to hear a little bit from you over there :) I hope you’re doing fine :)
      I haven’t published lots of ‘long’ (= those I usually classify in ‘MY LITTLE DIARY’ section and which are, as a matter of fact, kind of pages of my diary ^^) articles lately, only this one you might have missed (
      Can’t wait to have your opinion on it ;)
      Much love to you <3
      Shall speak soon :) Xxx

  3. 13th octobre 2013 / 12:31

    Great meeting and interview, how exciting!

    • Marie
      13th octobre 2013 / 2:01

      Thank you and yes I believe this is one of the best aspects of blogging ;) Xx

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