Magic Moments #5 – London, babe!


Hi everyone! So here’s a new and special InstaMagic, as it is mainly related to my lovely little trip to London at the beginning of September! I will also publish other articles about my time there with lots of new photos of London, but you’ll need to be a little patient as I’m quite busy with uni, so I can only publish 3 posts a week, which is still regular so… it’s all good, isn’t it?!

Here below, you’ll find all the pictures I took with my iPod and then posted on Instagram! I hope you’ll enjoy this first glimpse of my days in London, showing where I took a walk as well as my cheeky purchases ^^! I also added a video of a man wearing a kilt & playing bagpipes that reminds me of how much I love England, and especially the fact that no one really cares of how you’re dressed or how you look like (as everyone’s tolerant to one another… which is definitely not the case in France (by the way)!!!!!).

With this, I wish you a nice little ride and I shall see you soon on the blog!


PS: don’t forget to leave a little comment or simply ‘heart‘ the article if you liked it ;) Much love <3InstaMagic #5 - London6 6273f28a142211e38ace22000ae81dd4_7 InstaMagic #5 - London InstaMagic #5 - London1 746f156c142411e3ad5622000a1f98e5_7 InstaMagic #5 - London2 InstaMagic #5 - London4 e86f773414b211e396ba22000ae8031f_7 InstaMagic #5 - London3 6e35511e14b211e3b82e22000a9e0697_7 InstaMagic #5 - London5 694ff8fe17da11e3b67922000aaa047d_7 InstaMagic #5 - London8 89a87d4215af11e3ad2b22000ae80c6b_7 InstaMagic #5 - London11 5d26b2be15ac11e3aea022000a9d0ee7_7

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instamagicspecialLONDON 5d8fbb6e15ad11e3bf3522000a1f8ac6_7

I am definitely in love with this place

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3 Commentaires

  1. Amélie
    2nd octobre 2013 / 7:06

    Amazing pictures! You’re so beautiful on the ones you appear in! Especially the one above the London Bus!! Jealous of your hair!! :p
    Totally understand why you miss it so much!

    • Marie
      2nd octobre 2013 / 8:41

      Nawww thank you so much my lovely! this was such a kind and adorable comment to read! thank you <3 <3 <3
      On this picture you're talking about, I had just come back from Selfridges where I had my hair done for free :D #haaaa I was sooooo happy about that ;p!!!
      Really miss this place! Can't wait to go back there and have the biggest catch up ever with my very cherished and beloved friends :)
      Hope you're well anyway! See you soon Xxx

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