A dreamy reality


 “I like to photograph people living life, loving life, fearing life, struggling with it and dreading it. In a way, I like to document the emotions on their face, colours that surround them and the numbing static that they’re in.” – Liz Osban

A new photographic discovery for this Wednesday! The photographer who caught my eye this time is the very talented 22-year-old Liz Osban! You have probably seen one of her photos on my blog before, as one of them actually inspired the title of my post Feeling infinite ! ;)

Her photos mostly show a dreamy but still real landscape. I think she actually tries to capture how dreamers and hopers, – which obviously includes all kinds of artists, from the comedian, the musical performer, the singer, the dancer to the painter, the sculptor or even the writer – see the world that surrounds them!

On her lovely blog, she’s documenting her life with her photos and use them “to show that life does not have to be the way it presents itself, but the way you wish to see it.”

So if you feel like dreaming a bit more than usual someday, I couldn’t do anything else but recommend that you have a look at her personal universe >> over here << !

I wish you a nice little tour through a few of her photos and remind you to never stop DREAMING ♥♥♥IMG_5762 IMG_1492 IMG_5891 IMG_7230 IMG_6051g IMG_7991 IMG_6697f IMG_7362 tumblr_l9xumscoYO1qzdt56o1_1280 IMG_4654


And because Liz is not only a very talented photographer, I also added one of her videos that is amazing! Enjoy! ;)


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