My cosmetics’ wish list of September!

Hello you, little beauties!

I’m very happy to write a beauty post today, introducing you to my cosmetics’ wishes for this new start ;)! A new start indeed… in a new place (well not that new regarding that it’s already my 5th year in Lyon, but a quite radical change anyway after my 6-month experience in Britain :)!!!), new notebooks and pens, and not really new friends (haha), well in a word, a new uni year starting!

I’m pretty excited about going back to uni and keep on learning all those things I don’t know about these foreign languages I’m studying (that includes English, of course :p, German and I’m also starting Spanish #hhhhiiii #cannotwait)! I’ll be pretty busy, but I don’t think all this work that will give me uni and the blog will totally fill me as I won’t be in this place I now call my home (#UK).

I have missed England the whole summer and I’m quite skeptical about the fact that it will actually get better :/ !!! I know I have to go through this 2-year period before moving for good, and I know it won’t be easy but I’ll go back there for some pep-talks (the more often the better) until I take the plunge :D! And I also have my French friends, I have  you over here as well as my little baby blog, and I’m really happy to have all this in my life right now, because these things will make me keep on smiling for my last 2 years in France, in this country where almost everything is discouraging me! (though I don’t intend to stop blogging once I live on the Queen’s territory ;p!)

But let’s go back to the essential and discover my beauty crushes!

My first sample of make-up revolves around the ‘season of love’ theme, as we all know a new start often involves a new « crush » for some people (but I don’t think this will be my case this September ;p)!

Season of LOVE

If everything seems pretty dark by this quite harsh return from the summer holidays, I suggest a very natural selection to get lost in the wood or in a secret garden, where our lovely summertime souvenirs will all come back to us ! In the wood

No need for any kind of vitamins this autumn if you get this punchy selection of cosmetics, no cough will resist you! Fresh AutumnAnd because we all need to shine sometimes, a lovely bunch of cosmetics that will make you land among the brightest stars ;)! We are goldenEverything can be purchased on !




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