Brittany#7: We are big Kids!

 ♪ When you wish upon a star ♪DSC_0268

This other photo post about Brittany is a bit different than usual! Indeed, this one turns around the ‘carousel‘ theme, in other words, it’s all about being a child again, just for a little while! It’s about DREAMING BIG like we all used to do when we were kids!!!

When we grow old, we often forget to keep on dreaming, to keep on dreaming BIG! Why have we stopped? Why would we have to stop? I categorically refuse to stop dreaming! I will carry on dreaming about what might seem to be the impossibles, I will carry on hoping… ALWAYS. The reason to this ‘stubbornness’ (though I don’t think it is one!!!)? The answer is as easy as it is to say YES or NO… DREAMING, HOPING, or whatever you wanna call it, are what help us live, or rather what MAKE us live!

So let’s be dreamers, let’s forget this adulthood concept… there’s no adults here below, only grown-up kids! Let’s dream with our heart, for our heart is the only place where our deepest wishes belong.

And if you truly dream, truly hope, truly wish and above all truly LOVE, fate will be kind to you and will bring the sweet fulfilment of your secret longing…

Now, you’re ready?! DREAM!

DSC_0273 DSC_0270 DSC_0269 DSC_0271 DSC_0275 DSC_0272 picasion.com_343b9522ecaeafde1b18028cac414fe5


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