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 THIS is a post I’ve always wanted to write but… I’ve never really taken the time to write a post as incredible as it has to be when you talk about London! You know my love for this city and its inhabitants, so it was just a matter of time for me to get to write an article about it ^^!!!

But… today I’m not only writing for this reason… I promised one of my good friend’s little sister (who is going to London in a few days!!! Lucky her!!!!) that I would give her my good addresses in London and tell her what my favourite bits of this amazing city were!

So my lovely ones and my little sweet pea, get ready ’cause here’s my TOP 3…

1. Covent Garden (© photos by Tec Pateja – Airbnb)

Without any doubt, my favourite place to be in London… This district, full of street artists, very talented cheese maker (and I know what I’m talking about! Shall I remind you that I’m French?! :p), gorgeous museums, great taverns, operas and overwhelming with energy, IS the place you have to go to if you’re the kind of persons who dare get off the beaten track ;)!




2. The West End & Soho (© photos by Sophie Carr & Tec Pateja – Airbnb)

My second favourite place in London is OBVIOUSLY the West End and Soho! These districts are maybe the most famous districts that don’t sleep at night! The perpetual hustle and bustle of this area is just crazy and provides such a good feeling :)!!! And what can I say about the West End other than quoting its brilliant musicals, Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus… I think everything that has to be said is within those 3 amazing locations and this great thing that characterises the West End that is the musicals!!!



And in Mayfair, not far from Covent Garden and Marylebone, you’ve got one of the greatest museum of London… I’m obviously talking about the maybe-sometimes-unexpected Opera Gallery…bowie-opera-gallery-19


3. The South Bank (© photos by Daniel Burman – Airbnb)

In my opinion, this region of London is one of the greatest and most beautiful! Everything there seems so big and great (from the diverse and various street arts to the giant buildings, without forgetting the sight of the city itself) it’s really hard to believe you’re actually there! The South Bank definitely provides the most incredible panoramic view you can get of London!!!


Closely followed by…

4. Marylebone (© photos by Daniel Burman – Airbnb)

Marylebone, with its perfect geographic situation near the GREAT Hyde Park, is the synonym of elegance and refinement! There, you’ll find lovely little book shops, family patisseries and upmarket shops that will please the most sophisticated ;)!


5. Saint-James (© photos by Rebecca Duke – Airbnb)

The select district of central London is a symbol of prestige! There, the lovely Saint-James Park, impressive antiquarian markets, art galleries and grandiose terraces are on the cards!!!


 0_5760_0_3840_one_uk_london_st-_james_s_rd__36 0_5760_0_3840_one_uk_london_st-_james_s_rd__44 0_3770_0_2513_one_uk_london_st-_james_s_rd__45 0_3840_0_5760_one_uk_london_st-_james_s_rd__4 0_3840_0_5760_one_uk_london_st-_james_s_rd__18

6. Camden Town (© photos by Tec Pateja, Sophie Carr & Rebecca Duke – Airbnb)

Formerly a hospital for horses, Camden, which is situated behind Regent Street, is now one of the most expensive districts of London!!! Leather, nails, combat boots, pubs, pop art, concerts and markets are THE key words to describe the atmosphere in Camden! In a few words, there’s everything you need to fill your rebel’s soul ;p!!!

0_4200_0_2772_one_007109-r1-0091 0_4200_0_3092_one_007107-r1-004 0_4200_0_3092_one_007107-r1-015 0_4200_0_2772_one_007109-r1-008 0_4200_0_3092_one_007107-r1-002 0_4200_0_3092_one_007106-r1-002 0_5037_0_3358_one_camden_carr_002

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_bNEVeDuxw]

7. Greenwich (© photos by Rebecca Duke – Airbnb)

The architectural wonders, the parks, the antiquarian markets and the boats reminding of the south west London maritime history are all the elements that make the charm of Greenwich :)!

0_5760_0_3840_one_uk_london_greenwich_rd__36 0_5760_0_3840_one_uk_london_greenwich_rd__20 0_5760_0_3840_one_uk_london_greenwich_rd__17 0_5760_0_3840_one_uk_london_greenwich_rd__23 0_5760_0_3840_one_uk_london_greenwich_rd__24

8. Rellik…

… or the shop every vintage lover has to go to!!!!

img_3992 rellik-2 rellik

9. Melt (Nothing Hill)

To all my lovely readers, who, just like me, LOVE chocolate, THIS shop is definitely made for you (I mean… for US :p!!!)!


10. Westminster (© photos by Tec Pateja – Airbnb)

If you’ve never been to London before, I really advise you to have a big and clever browse around Westminster! With all its monuments, the Parliament, Big Ben and Buckingham, this district is well and truly THE MUST-DO in London, especially as it constitutes the cultural and political centre of the city!

0_4200_0_2772_one_007124-r1-014 0_4200_0_3092_one_007121-r1-002 0_4200_0_2772_one_007124-r1-010 0_4200_0_2772_one_007124-r1-012 0_4200_0_3092_one_007076-r1-008 0_4200_0_3092_one_007121-r1-010 0_4200_0_2772_one_007124-r1-028

11. Saint-Pancras (© photos by Rebecca Duke – Airbnb)

Simply stunning! But the best bit of Saint-Pancras is definitely its beautiful and luxurious hotel (you have by the way an overview in the video ;p)!!!

0_5331_0_3554_one_uk_london_king_s_cross_rd__32 0_5760_0_3840_one_uk_london_king_s_cross_rd__35

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNt2uwHq7_E]

12. The British Museum (© photos by Rebecca Duke & Tec Pateja – Airbnb)

Also a not-to-miss part of London, if only for its astonishing architecture!!!!

0_4200_0_2772_one_007143-r1-004 0_3092_0_4200_one_007139-r1-003

13. Kensington (© photos by Sophie Carr & Tec Pateja – Airbnb)

Or the princess district! ;) With its old buildings, its rustic cheese shops and patisseries, its international embassies, its gardens, palace and museums, Kensington is without the ounce of a doubt the VERY posh district of London!!!

0_5184_0_3456_one_kensington_carr_047 0_4200_0_3092_one_007147-r1-003 0_4200_0_3092_one_007148-r1-014 0_4848_0_3232_one_kensington_carr_0151 0_5098_0_3399_one_kensington_carr_0551 0_5184_0_3456_one_kensington_carr_0331 kensington1 0_5184_0_3456_one_kensington_carr_0501 0_5184_0_3456_one_kensington_carr_052

There’s so much more I could write about this city, but there will surely be other posts about my very cherished London <3 <3 <3

Now, I just wanna wish a safe trip to my friends’ little sister and an amazing time there,  in the city I fell in love with…

But with all that, don’t forget to…

Keep holding on to what you love & enjoy the ride of life ;)

Much much LOVE <3



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  1. Amélie
    17th juillet 2013 / 9:22

    Perfect topic and great article!

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