I am a « Ballerina pump » addict !!!

In French, I would tell you… Parlons peu, Parlons bien, Parlons chaussures (ou plutôt ballerines ^^) which could be translated by « Let’s go straight to the point and let’s talk about shoes (or rather ballerina pumps ^^) »! But, for once, it sounds a bit better in French :p !!!

I am a BALLERINES addict

I’m terrible with shoes and I know that! But worth, I’m terrible with flats (and all kind of flats!)… I couldn’t even tell you how many of them I’ve got :s!!! But in the same time, I am a girl… so I can’t really help it, can I?!

Let’s take this selection I’ve made… I have picked 10 pairs of flats and, believe me, I have been extremely reasonable!!!! If you asked me right now which one I prefer, or which one I would buy for this summer, I would be totally unable to give you an answer! Or the answer would be ALL OF THEM!!! If only I was rich enough to buy them all :p! So I know I will have to pick a pair or two, and THAT’S ALL… but to be honest with you, my little angels, it’s already been 3 weeks I’m thinking about the pair that will fit me the best and I TRULY can’t pick a favourite!

Do I sound a bit desperate right now? Because I’m not! I am just a « BALLERINA PUMP » addict :p! #CannotHelpIt

Well anyway, that’s why I would like to appeal to your kindness and ask you to help me choose at least one pair of flats! :)

Which one, do you think , will fit my feet? haha RHYME!!!!! Which pair is, in your opinion, the ONE?

Looking forward to hearing from you & your so precious advices,

Keep holding on to what you love & enjoy the ride of life ;)

Lots of love to you, my sweet shoemakers of the day <3



10 Commentaires

  1. 13th juin 2013 / 8:22

    What you want to make us choose just ONE? To tough a question ;) I´d say the coral one on the right or any one of the sparkly ones….

    • 13th juin 2013 / 8:58

      Haha thank you so much for your advice :) I know it’s a really hard decision :p xxx

  2. Amélie
    13th juin 2013 / 8:37

    I’d say the pink one, on the right! :D

    • 13th juin 2013 / 8:59

      Oooh yes I was seriously thinking of those ones :) Thanks lovely ;) xxx

  3. 13th juin 2013 / 6:40

    Hmmmm….not easy to choose…I’m terribe for choosing, I can never make up my mind but I would say the pink ones on the right (they look quite comfy too)…. but then again the sparkly gold ones are gorgeous too, and the camel coloured ones with the big ribbon are really cute! Eeek sorry I’m not much help!lol! ;-) x

    • 13th juin 2013 / 6:44

      Haha no worry! I know it’s a hard decision to make :p! The ones you cited are kinda my favourite ;)! So nice to see how well my readers know me without actually knowingly in person ;p! Thank you for your answer anyway… Very lovely :)! Much love to you <3 xxx

  4. Chanel
    14th juin 2013 / 9:28

    Les blanches avec les paillètes a gauche sont sublims ? As tu un site à me communiquer pour les trouver ? Ça serait adorable :)

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