My Top 3 British Sitcoms…

I think it’s hugely time to tell you everything about my favourite TV programs, and more particularly in that post, my favourite British sitcoms! One of the SO British things I haven’t written about yet… but what was I waiting for?! :p Really wondering!!!

Well anyway, I prepared my TOP 3 favourite British comedies especially for you, my lovely ones ;) !

SO… here we go…

1. Miranda 

miranda 700-376046

How surprising is that?! Miranda is so funny!!! SUCH FUN!… Well, that’s it! I discovered this sitcom about two years ago when I was in England for the summer and when I came back this year, it was the NOT-TO-MISS TV program :p! Miranda Hart is, in my opinion, a truly brilliant comedian! Everything she says & even everything she does is gonna make you laugh OUT LOUD!!!! So, wherever you might be in the world right now, if you are bored or if you need a little cheer up… just look for Miranda, the sitcom on the Internet and I can assure you are going to feel WAY better after that (Careful though,watching Miranda may get you some stomach cramps :p!)

2. Not Going Out


Not Going Out is another very funny British sitcom I really appreciate watching! Just like Miranda Hart, Lee Mack is an hilarious comedian! It’s a great pleasure to watch him in this sitcom, or even on TV in whatever talk show! They are naturally funny people, and I think that’s what makes them so successful :)! Anyway, if you want to watch another funny thing on TV, or if you’re in a lazy day & the only thing you truly fancy doing is staying on the couch and watching telly,well… Not Going Out is made for you! ;)

3. Allo, Allo!

allo allo

Finally, my third favourite British TV sitcom is, without any doubt, Allo, Allo! This one is older than the first two ones, as it was broadcasted on BBC 1 from 1982 to 1992! The story is set up in a small café in a Nazi-occupied France and recalls the adventures of René, the town café owner! What’s truly funny in this comedy is the way British comedians managed to imitate the French and German accents through the English language! It is absolutely fascinating and very hysterical at the same time! A definitely MUST-WATCH for all the comedy lovers :)

And that’s it! I think you’ve got a pretty cool and above all, HILARIOUS selection here! I hope you’ll get time to watch these sitcoms and that you’ll LOVE them as much as I do :D!

With this, my sweet budding comedians & comedy connoisseurs…

Keep holding on to what you love & enjoy the ride of life ;)

Lots of love and HAPPY SMILEYS :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D…



2 Commentaires

  1. 11th juin 2013 / 1:17

    Hi Marie! Oh gosh I used to watch « Allo, Allo! » when I lived in England! It was one of our favourite tv shows too! It was so hilarious, I still remember that phrase one of them would always say (to be said with the French accent of course!)… « Listen verRry carefully, I shall say zis only once! » lol ;-) x

    • 11th juin 2013 / 5:35

      Oh yes I know that sentence! It’s so funny! I really love it too :)
      Thank you for your comment and sharing your personal experience with British sitcoms :p
      Lots of love

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