Let me take you to the south of France…

Mistral Gagnant – by Renaud ♪

Not that I come from the very south of France (I actually quite live in the middle :p!), but I’ve spent so many summer holidays over there. To be honest, I think we’ve always spent our summer holidays in the south but since the family kinda split, those times are well and truly over; and today I simply wanted to share with you, my lovely ones, a few sweet memories I had kept inside of me all this time :).

The idea of that post simply came last weekend, as it was the Monaco Grand Prix, and I know that some friends of mine were very lucky to be there enjoying themselves and the beautiful sun of this place! Furthermore, summer holidays are closer and closer, and I just thought some of you might want to spend a few days in France… and what better place than the south of this lovely country to have the loveliest and most memorable summer holidays ever?!

Therefore, I wanted to write a little something about my favourite places in the south of France, which obviously includes Monaco (who isn’t sensitive to its charm?!).

To accompany you, I picked one of my favourite French songs… Mistral Gagnant, by Renaud! Let yourself be guided by this pure French voice and tormented soul…

I hope you’ll enjoy this little tour through my must-go places ;) !

The first place of the south of France I really want to talk about is called Les Baux de Provence. It’s simply my favourite place to go to, when I’m on holiday in the south :)! I am totally in love with the village and the old-looking streets (that are so typical of the south of France), but most of all, I am completely thrilled when I find myself in front of this yummy little shop, La Cure Gourmande… **

DSCF2136 DSCF2138 DSCF2140 DSCF2150 DSCF2151 DSCF2152

I think my lovely Flavie Peticoeur would love that Teeshirt :pgourmandises

The second place I’m gonna mention is Cassis, a very posh town of the south of France, which simply gives you goosebumps when you’re there, as everything simply seems so unreal! It’s a kind of little paradise on Earth :) …

2008_12180015 2008_12180022 2008_12180016 2008_12180021 kinda lagon

My third favourite place of the south of my lovely homeland (see?! I still love France ^^) is, of course, Monaco! There are so many reasons why I love that area… The royal family (always very appealing when you’re a little girl, dreaming of becoming a princess ^^), the always beautiful bright sun, and the so perfect everything actually… But when I go to Monaco, there ‘s a place I quite fancy going to; and this place is the gorgeous botanical garden…

DSCF2253 DSCF2252 palais DSCF2234 DSCF2235 DSCF2211 DSCF2226 DSCF2194 fleurs jardin botanique monaco DSCF2201 fleurs exotiques jaunes

My second-to-last place I want to bring up is the place that will never go out of fashion… I’m obviously talking about the mythical Saint-Tropez! And to honour this very special place, I couldn’t prevent myself from changing the music and turn Do you Saint-Tropez by Brigitte Bardot on! This place simply represents the south of France ‘par excellence’! Everything is just so very pretty… I truly love it :) and I quite look forward to going back there!!! I couldn’t lay my hands on my own photos, as it’s a huge mess on my computer, so here are a few pictures, taken by Margot from YouMAKEfashion!

© Margot from YouMAKEfashion

© Margot from YouMAKEfashion

© Margot from YouMAKEfashion

© Margot from YouMAKEfashion

© Margot from YouMAKEfashion

© Margot from YouMAKEfashion

And to conclude this post, I only want to share some photos of a hotel we stayed at a few years ago with my family, and where everything was just stunning! This hotel, that you may also know, is called Le Mas Candille. It was kind of  a Suite life for a couple of days… :p

DSCF2112 DSCF2105 DSCF2095 DSCF2079 DSCF2086 DSCF2090 DSCF2087 suite salon + fleurs DSCF2117 DSCF2121

Here it is my lovelies! I hope you enjoyed your little tour in the south of France with me, by this very sunny Saturday afternoon ^^ (Yay! the sun’s finally back!!!)

I write to you very soon! But meanwhile…

Keep holding on to what you love & enjoy the ride of life ;)



2 Commentaires

  1. 2nd juin 2013 / 10:13

    I have enjoyed browsing through the photos. Beautiful landscape and sights worth visiting., Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful week!

    • 3rd juin 2013 / 8:13

      Awh thank you so much for this comment Liz :)! I think you quite made my day ;p waking up and reading such a lovely feedback, I say THANK YOU :D xxxx

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