The book to offer your best friend – La tectonique des plaques by Margaux Motin

Today’s post is dedicated to the last-released book of the 35-year old illustrator, Margaux Motin. This book is in French but very easy to understand, so anyone with the only simple basis in French will be able to read it without any problem ;) Quite cool, uh?!

Whether you’re a young French girl, or a young foreign girl… this book is for you (or for your best friend! If you are desperately looking for a present for her birthday or whatsoever, don’t look further! … your solution is right here!).

This book is just pure sincerity! The genuine piece of work of Margaux Motin always tells us with humour the diverse adventures of a woman’s life… from her love stories to her friendships and all the troubles they BOTH bring! This book is not an umpteenth sappy story starring amazing girls, but the REAL story of a REAL girl!

Thus, her last comic book, entitled La tectonique des plaques (The plate tectonics), is about the turbulent life of a single 35-year-old mum, who tells the reader about the recent events of her life that completely upset her… such as her new love story with her best friend, who she totally changed her life for, etc.

To sum up… A very funny and genuine book that all the TRUE girls will devour!

And fortunately for us, My Little Book Club makes us discover, on its website, 30 pages of this comic book… so you can guess, my lovely ones, that I definitely couldn’t prevent myself from having a look at it ^^ Therefore, I made my own selection of my favourite pages among the 30 ones published on !!!

Let’s start with the chapter entitled « Sagesse populaire: Avant l’heure c’est pas l’heure, après l’heure c’est plus l’heure » (« Folk wisdom: Before the time it’s not time, after the time it’s not time anymore »)

And here’s my second favourite bit, entitled « L’art de l’anticipation » (« The art of anticipation »)

And here it is, my darlings! I hope you liked this post… a little bit different, I could almost say… the first of its kind ^^

With this, have a very lovely Tuesday and…

Keep holding on to what you love & enjoy the ride of life ;)

Much Love to all of you


>> Illustrations © My Little Book Club


2 Commentaires

  1. 22nd mai 2013 / 7:57

    Discussing comics and graphic novels on the Web might look nerdy but it nourishes the soul on days when the world seems to make not a lot sense. The point is that I only wanted to tell you keep up the great work!.

    • 23rd mai 2013 / 11:10

      Thank you very much for this lovely feedback :)

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