The first day of spring # All’s well that ends well ;)

After a little bit of drama today, everything was eventually fine! I don’t know if it’s because it was the first day of spring or what, but today was the kind of day you’ll remember until the end of your life! This day was just a mix (or should I say, « a big mess ») of everything! We had a stressful & dramatic moment, a weird one and at the end of the day, of course, a happy one.

I’m generally not the kind of person who likes telling what her day was made of (because they’re are quite all the time the same!!!) but for today, I’m going to make an exception!

I’m passing all the boring details such as my waking up, my having breakfast & shower, … I’m just going to go to the point. Let’s start with the stressful & dramatic act which is really common, but absolutely NOT COOL when it happens to you (even if technically it didn’t happen to me, but to one of my English friend :s)! Anyway the fact is that it cut me off my usual and daily « tête-à-tête » with Jane Austen (yeah! she provides me quite such an occupation!!!) Well, let’s come back to the drama of the day! The whole story is about my English friend who had a dissertation to give back before 4pm; she finished it around 1:30pm and obviously needed to print it and bind it! The thing was that, OF COURSE, the printer ran out of (no, not INK… Game Over!) PAPER!!! And here’s the time for a good panic attack because we didn’t have time to go and get some (that’s kind of an usual problem when you live on an island and the nearest supermarket is 20 minutes-car away!), so we went to see my dear & lovely colleagues at the charity shop to ask them if they had some F***ING sheet of paper, but they didn’t. The thing is that I think they really like me and I really had to look very desperate(I know, I can be a good comedian when I want to, when it’s worse being ;)!) because one of the manager was turning her desk upside down to try to find this damned PAPER and my favorite volunteer colleague went to see the solicitor next door and asked him for some paper he (I assume) gladly gave to him! And here it is, I was back with the PAPER!

It truly looked like a James Bond film today (I’m not even joking)!

And of course, this day was not « special » enough… there had to be a kind of stupid, idiotic cyclist who was on the wrong side of the road and we barely killed (well, I may be exaggerating a bit but it was really close!!!)! He thought he was in France or what???!!! Silly man (or woman, I’m not even sure it was a man… everything just went so fast!)!!! Well, THAT was the weird part of the day!

Finally the day ended up pretty well. My friend could return her paper on time, we had some fajitas for dinner (we were the TOP CHEFS tonight!) and I got a new English book (and a cookbook, because it’s always good to have so « delicious » reading to do !), the current must-have CD and a brand new notebook I hope I can use for a likely coming interview…

Some new goods...

Some new goods…

I hope I didn’t get you bored with all this! And don’t forget…

Keep holding on to what you love & enjoy the ride of life ;) (It’s actually pretty cool when it’s kind of « spicy » :D)



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