Hey, you! Welcome to my blog! 

I’m Marie, author of my own story.

I am a 20-something Frenchie, who left her heart in London. I am a fellow writer, a tea drinker and an art lover.

Big dreamer, lover of life, hopeless optimistic, I’m a big child who still believes in magic and sparkles some in writing.

I’ve been an arts and lifestyle blogger since 2013, I have completed my third and last year of my bachelor’s degree in English, French and German, and my MA in Arts & Lifestyle Journalism at the University of the Arts in London (UAL). I have previously worked as a press assistant at a London-based PR consultancy, Delilah PR, and I now write for Thought CatalogThe Mighty, and Creative Monday, & am a freelance writer & publicist at On my way.

Please see my portfolio for examples of my work.

As Coco J. Ginger once wrote, “I wear my heart on my blog.” This online journal is nothing but the tale of my personal journey; it gathers some pages of my diary, reviews of books, films, places and much more, a couple of recipes, videos, and many of the things I think are worth sharing :)!

I hope you’ll enjoy the trip!

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Thought Catalog

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Creative Monday

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The Hungry Student Cookbook

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