Homemade Banana Milkshake


Hey everyone!

So first of all, I’m sorry I haven’t let you hear from me lately but this last week has been crazy again and now I’m off for some revisions so I don’t think I’ll write much, though I’m getting some posts ready to publish :D

Today (because I felt like it ^^, if some of you wonder) I made a banana-apple-and-raspberry milkshake… but I abbreviated the whole thing in ‘Homemade Banana Milkshake’ :-) and I simply wanted to share my own little extremely-easy recipe with you…

Ingredients (for 2 glases) 

2 bananas 

some honey 

2 glases of milk

and I added what was left of my apple-and-raspberry juice :)


Very simply, you need to put all the ingredients in your blender and mix them… and there you go, you’ve got your yummy milkshake ready in less than 5 minutes! 

Some advice: if you like to drink it fresh, then I shall advise you to leave it in the fridge for a while! 

Hope you liked the post and if you decide to make yourself a quick milkshake, let me know how you like it and if you try this recipe of mine, tell me what you think! ;)

Love always.


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