Stewed Apples


Today, I would like to share another recipe of my grandma that is her fabulous recipe of stewed apples! Stewed apples are so good to eat anyway you fancy: you can make a tart or simply enjoy it naturally (this is still the best way ^^). But as I don’t wanna influence you on that matter, I’ll just share the most basic recipe ever!

I hope you’ll enjoy making it and above all, savouring it at the end ^^! As far as I’m concerned, I’m en route to my grandma’s house to make a delicious chocolate mousse this afternoon :D Mmm… I know what you think… Yummy, Yummy!!! 


1 kg of apples * 1 glass of caster sugar * 1 glass of water


1. Cut your apples into cubes.
2. Put them in a big pan.
3. Add your glass of caster sugar and your glass of water.
4. Let it stew and mash the whole mixture when it’s finished stewing (NB: you can add sugar until you find it sugary enough^^).
5. Let it cool and enjoy once it’s cold! :) 



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