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Little autumn list


Leaving France has never been extremely hard for me… Leaving London, on the contrary, has always been a kind of heartbreak. It’s always been painful to me because I was leaving a part of my self behind. And once I was back in France, I did all I could to […]…

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Reviews TV Series Writing

My favourite TV series


Watching TV series is a bit like reading a book, or maybe a better comparison would be to say a saga. Starting a new season is like starting a new volume of a saga, and beginning a new chapter is like watching a brand new episode with all the twists […]…

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Burgundy TRAVEL

Couches castle, aka Marguerite de Bourgogne’s castle


After Digoine, we’ll change style, we’ll change time, and we’ll change the atmosphere too. After Digoine, we’ll visit Couches and its castle, as known as Marguerite de Bourgogne’s castle. Simpler, more rustic, Couches castle is a medieval castle we can observe – through small and bigger details – the transformation […]…

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My Little Mess My VIDEOS

Room tour [in Burgundy]

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 8.39.13 pm

Even though I’ll be moving again soon, and since the summer has been pretty crazy busy, I am today finally making you enter my little world in Burgundy… Enjoy the tour! xoxo © Music: Trouble (Original) (feat Jeanna Pemkowski) by Memorecks…

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Diary/Mood Writing

Wednesday video #2 – How to Age Gracefully

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 1.16.27 pm

Hey! Welcome back to the ‘Wednesday Video’ section! Today, I’m sharing a video that’s been very popular online lately.  It is the Wire Trap ‘How to Age Gracefully’ video, published on the CBC Radio YouTube channel to say farewell to an 11-year radio run. The award-winning show created this little piece […]…

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