Jumping off a cliff. Telling someone you love them. Daring to get out of your comfort zone. Trying something new.
Taking that step. Taking that risk. What’s the worst that can happen?
You’ll make mistakes. You’ll fall and you’ll fail. But that’s ok. … View Post

There’s something in the way you look at me – shyly, playfully, knowingly. There’s something in the way we get close, in the way your tight embrace can heal the most broken parts of me and put them all back into place. There’s something in the way your chest comes against mine and your hands run over my back and squeeze every last space and breath of air separating our two bodies.… View Post

The lamps of the theatre slowly go off to give way to a wonderful ball of lights, dancing to the jazzy overture of Funny Girl, which has soon invaded the stalls, and the dress and grand circles. The curtain rises and here she is, the star of the Savoy Theatre that… View Post

Surround yourself with people, who make you read your life like you read your favourite book.
Surround yourself with people, who make you watch your life you watch your favourite film.
Keep these people, who make you live your life like it’s one of your favourite stories.… View Post