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    Dreaming of Lanzarote

    21 Feb 2015 / Canary Islands, Here & There ♥ TRAVEL / 2 comments

    The sun, the beaches, the palm trees, the turquoise water, the sand, the handsome men and the warm days… well, PARADISE! That’s what I’m dreaming of right now. Revisions are giving me a headache and even though I’m supposed to be on holidays, I work(Read more)


    Ah, ces Anglais!

    18 Feb 2015 / Here & There ♥ TRAVEL, Paris / 0 comment

    This is an article I initially wrote in French as part of my application as the the editor-in-chief assistant at My Little Paris… Unfortunately, my application was not successful due to the starting date of the placement :/ I’ve been a little ‘despaired’ for a while but(Read more)

    ah ces anglais!

    A Love Letter to The Beautiful Now

    14 Feb 2015 / Words of my Heart ♡, Writing / 2 comments

    ‘Some people care too much. I think it’s called love.’ – Winnie the pooh Dear Now, I’ve been willing to write this letter for days now. Please, forgive me if it’s clumsy but I felt the need to write down what my heart had just(Read more)

    Letter to the beautiful NOW

    Crêpes D’Amour on Valentine’s Day

    13 Feb 2015 / For Foodies, My Little Mess / 0 comment

    So tomorrow’s Valentine’s day and for this lovely day of the year, I’d like to suggest the simplest, easiest and yummiest recipe there’s ever existed: I am obviously talking about crepes! The ones I make on Valentine’s day are the “crêpes d’amour” (“crepes of love” in English)(Read more)

    crepes amour 3

    Winter Wonderland in Lyon

    11 Feb 2015 / My Little Mess, ✰ Lookbook ✰ / 0 comment

    Hi there! Today is Wednesday and as I promised last week, I’m going to do my very best to publish an outfit of the day post at least once a week. However, even though I’ll be off university next week, I already have a very busy(Read more)

    Winter Wonderland in Lyon 1

    Eddie & Watson

    10 Feb 2015 / Miscellaneous, My Little Mess / 0 comment

    ‘I can’t think without my glasses.’ – Vivienne Westwood They won’t protect you from the sun, they won’t heal your eyes but they’re surely going to prevent their situation from worsening. They come from Japan and were conceived to match your lifestyle. Indeed, the Eddie & Watson glasses(Read more)

    eddie & watson glasses 6

    Magic Moments #23 – First Steps into 2015

    08 Feb 2015 / Magic Moments, Writing / 0 comment

    The lovers’ month has just started but I think it’s nonetheless not too late to go back to January for a little while and remember the good as well as the not so good moments we’ve been experiencing. Here are mine, reminisced through photos and words!(Read more)

    Instamagic #23 January 2015


    07 Feb 2015 / Miscellaneous, My Little Mess / 0 comment

    Today, there won’t be many words to accompany these few shots but this small caption to introduce you to  a belated Christmas present, the original and classic Trésor perfume by Lancôme. It might not be my favourite Trésor scent, but it surely is a must-try! As far(Read more)

    trésor 2

    Keep Calm & Carry On

    04 Feb 2015 / My Little Mess, ✰ Lookbook ✰ / 0 comment

    Hey there! Today, like practically every week now, I met up with one of my oldest and best friends, Maëlle, and we literally froze (thank god, our cups of tea were not very far!!!) while taking some photos for this second LOOKBOOK post on my(Read more)

    Very British Problems LOOK 1