My Little Mess

London ♥ TRAVEL

#BestBritSelfie competition !


The reason I chose Covent Garden to take this selfie is simply because it is, with the West End, my favourite place to be in London. It’s constantly blooming with artists and dreamers, who manage to take you to another universe in just a few seconds! It is a magical place […]…

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Burgundy TRAVEL

A trip to Celtic Mont-Saint-Vincent


I’ll count to three. Ready? One… Two… Three. Now, close your eyes. Listen to the wind and feel its pure and powerful air whispering to your ears the sweet melody of this Celtic capital, built around the 4th century B.C. … You’ve just arrived in Mont-Saint-Vincent! Everything is calm and […]…

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My Little Mess Photographic Discoveries

Instagram Gems #2

Instagramgems2 cover

Hey there, friends! It’s Fridayyyyy! Meaning today’s time for a new episode of Instagram Gems. This week, I chose to focus on another type of accounts, i.e. those of the travellers, the wanderers, the dreamers and the curious fellows, who – I hope – will make you travel and see new horizons. […]…

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Southern France TRAVEL



Hey friends! Happy Monday! As you might have seen on Instagram or Facebook, I found some old family travel photos this weekend and I started gathering some to create new posts for my TRAVEL section :)! Today, I’m very excited because tomorrow morning, I’m heading to London with my little […]…

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My Little Mess Photographic Discoveries

Instagram Gems #1

instagems1 cover

Hello, lovely friends! As a BIG Instagram lover and user, I am introducing you today to a new kind of post I’ll try to publish every Friday over a couple of weeks. These blogs will be entitled Instagram Gems and will feature my crushes in terms of Instagram accounts. At […]…

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My Little Mess ✰ Lookbook ✰

Into The Woods…


*Sponsored post* A little while ago, I received a very elegant dress from Lalalilo, but could unfortunately not find any time to review it before today. You know my life has been very busy with exams, applications, interviews, this summer’s internship, my job as a tutor, and my blog & […]…

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Diary/Mood Writing

Bastille Day Fireworks


Yesterday & today were my first two days off since the beginning of my internship and, believe me, they were very much welcome! As you know, today is Bastille Day in France and I nearly spent my entire afternoon editing some photos I took yesterday (including these ones), and after having […]…

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