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    ‘A little in love’ by Susan Fletcher [Book Review]

    15 Dec 2014 / Reviews, Writing / 0 comment

    A little in love is not only a beautifully written, poetically hopeful book presenting the sheerest acts of love, kindness and forgiveness… it is also and mostly an open door to THE broken heart of 19th century French literature… and as a matter of fact,(Read more)

    Photo on 15-12-2014 at 12.57 pm #2

    My Christmas Tree

    14 Dec 2014 / My Little Mess, VLOG / 0 comment

    This year, I’m on time to present my christmas tree to you, guys… and I’m very proud :) Last year, I published this post in January – i.e. after Christmas and after New Year’s Eve! :/ [yup!!!] Anyway… since last year I had made the decision(Read more)

    xmas tree


    12 Dec 2014 / My Little Mess, VLOG, Words of my Heart ♡, Writing / 0 comment

      #ALittleInLove  What #ALittleInLove means to me…  A little in love is that feeling I get when I see the text I just got is from you, When you call me dearest And my heart starts beating a little bit harder, going a tad faster(Read more)


    Xmas Lights In My Little Hometown

    07 Dec 2014 / Burgundy, Here & There ♥ TRAVEL / 0 comment

    Hello my sweet candy canes! This weekend is now coming to an end and it’s been once again a pretty intense one, but I’m starting to get used to it ^^ I had a lot of work but I nevertheless found some time to go(Read more)


    ETAM November Haul

    03 Dec 2014 / My Little Mess, VLOG / 0 comment

    ETAM thumbnail

    IntaMagic #20 – Orange Is The New Black

    01 Dec 2014 / InstaMagic, My Little Mess / 0 comment

    I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving weekend… for those of you who are used to celebrating it :) This post was supposed to be published yesterday since it was still November but my terrible schedule and lack of time has once again got(Read more)


    #SayThanks … on Thanksgiving

    27 Nov 2014 / My Little Mess, VLOG / 2 comments

    Today is Thanksgiving so HAPPY Thanksgiving everyone! On this special day, I would like to introduce you to #SayThanks, the new video tool of Facebook that’s perfectly fitting this American holiday. Facebook launched its “Say Thanks” feature, which allows you to create and send ‘thank you’ videos to friends(Read more)

    My Little Cosy Box

    26 Nov 2014 / * My Little Box *, My Little Mess / 0 comment

    Let’s stay home! This month, My Little Box was cosy cosy and treated us with super lovely products as usual! My big crush of this box is the mini mug saying ‘How is your day gonna be?’ and when you finish your cup of coffee(Read more)


    The Tower of London

    24 Nov 2014 / Here & There ♥ TRAVEL, London ♥ / 4 comments

      Tonight, I would like to share my photos of the Tower of London with you… I don’t have a lot to say except maybe that they were taken while walking and chilling out along the Thames and around the City this summer :)!  Such(Read more)