Maya is an incredibly touching piece of cinema – a celebration of the beauty of life. No matter the obstacles, no matter the darkness and no matter the tears.
(Article originally published on 16 Jan 2016 – Latest update on 24 Sept 2016)… View Post

I keep on saying that every person has their own story that shapes the way they perceive films, music, paintings, and writings… ‘MAYA’ has come at a time in my life when I needed a glimmer of hope the most. Not only is it a very poetic, visually brilliant film, supporting a story that withholds tenderness as much as it does cruelty, but also and mostly a heart-to-heart whisper breathing life into anyone watching it. So I’ll treat myself with this art piece tomorrow and keep it close to forever remember what it feels like to lose faith and find hope again. … View Post

After the temporary exhibition of her latest photography project, Ordinary Madness, at Gazelli Art House, Charlotte Colbert and the gallery have recently released the fine art photographer’s limited edition merchandise including the exhibition catalogue featuring the series of photographs, which is now available via their online shop. The photography project… View Post